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23.9. Concert Noisy People: Improvising a musical life DVD screening + concert Tim Perkis / George Cremaschi
20.9. Concert The International Nothing Kai Fagaschinski / Michael Thieke
16.9. Concert Hugh Livingston Please Be Seated - Concert, performance, workshop
11.9. Workshop Hlasohled
9.9. Concert Alexandr Vatagin / Georgij Bagdasarov
8.9. Workshop Singing Workshops Main Gallery Nika Kupyrova - Moonshine Installation for space, light and windows
28.7. Screening Kinetikus Kép screening of short animation films from Central Europe
28.7. Presentation Noisefold - David Stout and Cory Metcalf presentation of the multimedia project Names Jan Per Adeström
14.7. Workshop On angles and birds Tributed to the exhibition of O.Karlíková Grey Room Scott Billings - Maledicta Paradisus audiovisual installation Main Gallery Olga Karlíková: Swifts,Frogs and Skylarks Drawings, Prints and Field recordings Main Gallery Jerzy Dobrzanski - Open Cut Site specific installation
28.6. Discussion Discussion evening tributed to Anna Fárová Fotograf Studio and Torst invite you
21.6. Screening Marcus Bergner: The Surface and The Other Screening
17.6. Concert Katherine Liberovskaya - Al Margolis - Martin Janíček Concert, live video
16.6. Concert Jan Kotulán a Petr Korbelář: Protkané bambusem Improvised music, CD presentation Main Gallery Shines - Interactive audiovisual installation Katherine Liberovskaya
4.6. Concert Ora pro Nobis & Oldřich Janota acoustically with ensemble
29.5. Presentation Temporary Arrangements
28.5. Concert John Bischoff / Kenneth Atchley recorded by Czech Radio 3 Vltava Grey Room Barbora Švarcová - Landscape of Reading Grey room installation
20.5. Concert Surfing on surface Georgij Bagdasarov, live video, koncert
12.5. Discussion Object in Space Discussion about Contemporary Czech Sculpture
7.5. Lecture Daniel Teruggi - Sound Archives and composition for spacial sound Electroacoustic presentation of GRM Archive of Music Concrete
6.5. Screenlab Karel Doing - Live optical objects, film and video Cooperation with Jesse Franzen
3.5. Workshop Singing the Spring workshop with Zuzana Vlčinská Main Gallery Double duel, part I. Skalík and Steklík Grey Room New Rurality or attempt for new myth Jan Trejbal and Janek Rous
22.4. Screening VJ Kolouch Screening and Q&A with artist
17.4. Workshop Crisis-Mania Praha Food and Cultural Space
14.4. Concert Moving silence Improvised music, video screening
8.4. Concert Andras Blazsek - Tape II. (Jorge Boehringer jh.) Sound Performance from Reel to Reel and Electronics
31.3. Pole/noc č.4
30.3. Lecture Integration of the Inuit Culture into Modern Society Don Sparling, lecture
28.3. Workshop Kids Easter Workshop
25.3. Concert George Cremaschi (usa) / Dieb13 (at) / Gino Robair (usa) Concert Main Gallery Shadows Jana Kochánková- pictures Main Gallery Wired Radio Michael Delia
20.3. Lecture Support your farmer Lecture, duscussion, meeting
18.3. Screening Ján Mančuška Screening and Q&A with artist
11.3. Concert ...pověz mi, je to realita nebo karneval? Oddi and Jakub Jahn
10.3. Screening Ondřej Vavrečka - Počátek a lev Film screening
8.3. Workshop Nicolas Collins Workshop and presentation
3.3. Screening Karel Cudlín and Vojta Dukát: Trips across Ukraine Artst talk and photography screening
25.2. Screening Janovského 37 Documentary mixed-media performance
24.2. Workshop Butoh worskhop for children With Sumako Koseki Grey Room Veronika Resslová / In-Out Light and site specific installation
15.2. Workshop Carniprivium at Školská