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2010 Main Gallery Notes to the Subject Veronika Daňhelová, Václav Kopecký
21.1. Screening Kateřina Mandulová: Hitchhiking to Siberia Projection and talk about trip to Far East.
20.1. Lecture Tomáš Pospěch: Diversion into Landscape Lecture and talk with artist
17.1. Concert Art´s Birthday 2010 Concert and live radio broadcast Main Gallery Tomáš Pospěch: Aimless walk Photography and videoprojection


21.12. Concert 42:43 asi Public DVD recording Grey Room Raquel Mendes: Consulting hours Photography and video
16.12. Lecture from G to Z
14.12. Screening Beyond Film no.III - Free cinema and other Lecture and screening. Main Gallery Equal chances II. Martin Zet and Milan Guštar
26.11. Lecture Andrea Polli - Sonification Art meets Science
23.11. Screening The Fabulous Story of Poop Selection from the EKOFILM festival 2009
19.11. Jan Zamojski - The Death of a Beautiful Deer
16.11. Lecture The Twilight of Photojournalism Lecture and presentation of book
12.11. Screening Peter Hutton - Landscapes Artist’s talk and screening of his films Main Gallery Home Movie by Milada Marešová Light installation and videoprojection Grey Room New maps of time videoinstallation Workshop The voice as therapeutic tool Sylka Uhlig
15.10. Lecture Fotodokument.cz Presentation Workshop New Maps of Time, Praha - Kladno Sonic Project Sound and Media Workshop by John Grzinich
8.10. Screening Barbara Rosenthal Main Gallery Train station Bubny - image of Quiescence Jan Bezucha, Michaela Brachtlová, Jiří Zeiner Main Gallery Traces Exhibition in the framework of The Funke Kolín Festival
21.9. Lecture The Fox Sisters, silver and sound from the other side Photozone #12 Main Gallery Elsewhere Not Elsewhere Sam Ashley, Marina Thies & comp. Main Gallery Life is Short and Getting Shorter All the Time & Elsewhere Not Elsewhere Sam Ashley, Marina Thies & comp.
9.9. Adinkra man Presentation of Martin Zeinwa (USA), artist in residency in Open Studios and talk about West Africa. 2010 International Open Call for Art Residency Projects Deadline: September 30, 2009
20.8. Main Gallery First Circulating Library of Lonesome Books, dedicated to Jaroslav Hašek Open air bookcase at Školska 28 Main Gallery ASSteroids ASSteroids Terezin
4.7. Screening „DEPENDENCE IN INDEPENDENCE“, performance Tomáš Ruller Live Telepresent Appearance
2.7. Screening Dresden Sailors by Train Screening of student video from the Monika Brandmeier Studio Main Gallery Jiří Janda Between words
25.6. Screening Pavel Ctibor Silentbloky - Bilancsloky, reading
24.6. Screening Beyond Film nr.II. Where yesterday was tommorow, videoscreening
22.6. Concert 4:3 Visual and music performance. Michail Cabowitz,Georgij Bagdasarov,42:43 asi, and guests.
17.6. Concert Michal Rataj – Jaromír Typlt: Scribble Electroacoustic music – surround sound – sound performace – reading – sensors – real-time electronics
11.6. Concert Šeřík conspiracy Music and poetry evening
4.6. Lecture White Underground - Jiří Ptáček Places of acting, lecture Main Gallery Jan Haubelt Least but not last, exhibition
27.5. Concert No Sugar Liz Allbee and George Cremaschi, concert
25.5. Lecture Grzegorz Drozd Waiting for the sun, presentation
20.5. Lecture Alois Beer On the road..., reading
14.5. Screening Beyond Film nr.I. (Winsor McCay, Gordon Matta Clark, Laurel a Hardy, George Kuchar, Robert Frank, Ken Jacobs, Ben Turpin)
6.5. Concert Hugh Livingston: concert for violoncello, space and live electronics Project for the Centre for the Future Slavonice Main Gallery Lenka Vítková From A to A Acrylic paintings, texts, opening word by Josef Bolf
23.4. Screening This land is my land and your land, all fucked up Films screening and paintings of Miroslav Urban
16.4. Lecture Places of Emergence Paralel Worlds
15.4. Lecture Fotozóna #11 Paparazzi and lies of photographic medium. Lecturers: Filip Láb end Pavel Turek
9.4. Workshop Traditional Easter Meal Jedinečné svatopěstitelské družstvo + film projection of Ondřej Vavrečka