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Carl Lindh

Carl Lindh (b. 1977) is an artist based in Malmö Sweden.

His main field of interest is listening, site-time specificity, improvisation and methods of documenting ephemeral sonic events . In his live set he primary works with hearing-aid devices, radio, record player and feedback. With this set-up he creates very fragile sonic situations where the space, the people and every single sound become a possible part of the performance. It sometimes move from the very subtle to the chaotic.

Lindh have previously played solo and duo sets in amongst other venues such as Super Deluxe, Tokyo (2010), School Bar and XP club, Beijing (2013), Mayhem, Copenhagen (2013, 2014) and Ausland, Berlin (2012). As an artist he has participated in numerous exhibitions and biennials such as, Big Torino 2002, Version 05, Chicago, Urban festival 2006, Zagreb. Since 2003 Lindh is also part of the curatorial collective which run the independent exhibition space Signal – Center for contemporary art in Malmö."