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Adinkra man

Presentation of Martin Zeinwa (USA), artist in residency in Open Studios and talk about West Africa.
Wed 9.9. - 20:00


Talk about African RITES OF PASSAGES and Adinkra Symbols - what is it and what role does it play in West African Culture.

Solomon Ahimah-Agyakwah (Ghana), Prague University of Economics (MA Economics of International Trade European Integration) and
Lindsey Danisch (USA), teacher at the International School of Prague. After graduating in 2002, Lindsey taught in Kabula, Kenya, as part of Indiana University’s pilot student teaching abroad program. Although her time there was short, after being immersed in Kenyan culture for any period of time, is long enough to become permanently attached to the heart and soul of the Kenyan people.

Artistic statement: "...I do not consider myself as an artist; I am more of a story teller. Most of my art work deals with my experience during the civil war in Liberia, which killed many and displace most. On one hand, I believe in taking action in order to make a change, on the other hand, I do not believe in war. Summer of 2006 was the first time I decided to deal with the horrible experiences I encountered which still handles my adult life at this point. I now share my experiences through my drawings and paintings.

In my quest to make my stories/artworks look African/Liberian, I researched Adinkra symbols of West Africa. I then arranged the symbols in a pattern/order that will speak as texts. Each symbol has a meaning that will speak to viewers who are willing to listen. I want viewers to look at my work and make up their understanding of the story, as they are looking at each drawing and painting and then try to make the connection between these paintings. My life experiences I believe influence my artwork and future as an Artist. this I will pass on to my students. During my art making, I enjoy the process the most. Just the fact that you have to think of different ways to get your thoughts, emotions, ideals, and tell telling your story through art. Enjoy the story!..."

Martin Meaipa Zeinway is currently attending Master studies of Fine Art University of Cincinnati - Cincinnati, OH. In years 2005 - 2007 studied Master of Art Education program at Miami University, Oxford, OH. From 2008 teaches Art of Afrika at Central State University.

His stay is supported by University of Cincinnati School of Art, Travel Award.

Martin Zeinway, Suit, 2008

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Martin Zeinway, Oblek, 2008
Martin Zeinway, Oblek, 2008
Martin Zeinway, Adinkra man, prezentace (1)
Martin Zeinway, Adinkra man, prezentace (2)
Martin Zeinway, Adinkra man, prezentace (3)
Martin Zeinway, Adinkra man, prezentace (4)