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CD Launch Concert

Agnes Hvizdalek & Vojtěch Procházka (duo) Yan Jun & Petr Vrba (duo)

free improvisation
Thu 17.11. - 19:30

Hvizdalek/Procházka duo explores the thresholds of improvised and noise music. Agnes Hvizdalek’s voice often makes the listener feel deluded: sometimes it sounds as if manipulated by electronics, sometimes several sounds resound at a time, although it still is just one pair of vocal cords and a microphone. Vojtěch Procházka combines in his work raw, aggressive noise of no-input mixing, expressivity and melodiousness of Indian harmonium, and cosmic sounds of ‘80s synthesizers for kids. Together, the duo creates surprising soundscapes, oftentimes rough and rude, some other time mystical and luring.

Yan Jun/Petr Vrba duo releases "with three windows and rain" CD on Kandala Records these days and uses this concert in Skolska gallery as an opportunity to held a release party. As during their Beijing recording there will be feedback from parabolic mic toy and vibrating speakers in the air. Other electronics and trumpet sounds will play a role as well. The gallery place itself will play important part in creating tonights soniversum.

If they play all four together will be seen only at the spot during the night.

Entry Fee: 80 Kč – Reduced: 60 Kč