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ALOTOF - Convergence

--- Alotof ---
Praha – Zastráň – Hranice
Brussels - Nantes - St. Nazaire

program in other cities here: http://alotof.org


The goal of the project, running since 2013, is to transfer artists activities outside the studio and galleries into the countryside, creating a long-term project in the field of ecological media art. The activities incude workshops, exhibitions, and meetings, and the artists interact with the public, exhibiting new forms and new approaches in artmaking.

The project culminates with the Konvergence festival, taking place in several places, and hosted by these cities: Prague, Brussels, Nantes, St. Nazaire among others. Each organization works with local artists, and thanks to the PVC (People's Vision Collector),
the active spaces of the festival will be connected in real time. A complete video document of the festival will be presented, using recordings from events from the summer of 2013 to the fall of 2014 in Vysočina, and in other countries of the partner projects.

Activities at the Školská 28 gallery will feature the artists and organizers. A workshop on (not only) urban gardening and composting will be lead by specialists from the Kokoza group.

Upcoming program

• 12pm - 19pm
practical workshop on urban gardening (Kokoza association)
• from 12pm
installation by Martin Janíček connecting sounds with natural elements, which have in urban environment different possibilities and consequences..., especially in combination with new technologies. Important and characteristic aspect will be also participation of listeners.
• from 12pm
installation - People's Vision Collector and documentation of all Alotof events
• from 12pm
intervention for fallen trees


• 14:00
introduction (ALOTOF, PVC)
• 14:15
presentation of the online version of RurArtMap intended for independent cultural spaces, galleries, activities and ecological organizations who operate outside of cultural centers in the periphery
• 14:30
about rural symposiums in Staňkovice by Aleš Loziak a Jan Lobl
• 14:45
presentation of symposium and art residencies "Meeting in Zdoňov project"
• 15:00
Ondřej Vinš and the presentation of his graduate project Along highway D1
• 15:15
project "Farma v pokoji"
• 15:30
Agro Art – artsits Peter Kralik and Jano Vasilko about agro-culture activities
• 15:45
space for discussion


• 16:30
lecture by Petr Jelínek “Countryside and the landscape“
• 17:15
presentation and practical demonstration of “Garden heads” by Pavel Havrda, Michal Kindernay, Ondřej Vavrečka and Jitush Pospíšilová
• 17:30
Jan Trejbal about Neolokátor project
• 17:45
presentation of the "On the borders - Grenznah" symposium and exhibition
• 18:00
space for discussion


• 18:30
performance by Martin Janíček
• 19:00
concert by Lloyd Dunn
• 19:30
film screening - the Blansko region in folk songs
Lucie Vítková (accordion, vocals)
Kateřina Reichová (vocals)
directed by Petra Kateřina Bučková

FRIDAY 24.04.
• 17:00
Celebration of cooperation of the city and countryside - planting
• 19:30
concert by Alessandra Eramo: Roars Bangs Booms. 7 variation for voice and onomatopoeia
+ concert by Jonáš Gruska on his own mobile sound system.

RurArtMap enters its third year, a collaboration between Yo-yo and Artmap. The map highlights the artistic, cultural and environmental initiatives in areas outside the main centers, and can also be used as a guide for unconventional journeys. The map will be offered simultaneously in Prague and Vysočina. On this occasion, there will be a simultaneous performance symbolically linking the two sites, and we plan to repeat this action in future years on the same day (St. George’s) and thus establish a new tradition of discussions on an ecological approach to the arts and culture bridging the rural and the urban.

Lecture and workshop with Tomáš Svoboda

LECTURE Basics of permaculture design

FRIDAY APRIL 24 FROM 7 PM, Městské muzeum Chotěboř (Riegrova 1 – zámek, Chotěboř)

Natural garden does not mean going back to nature, but further to nature!

Natural garden looks in all kinds of ways. There is no uniformity for natural garden. Every natural garden is especial in its uniqueness.

Natural garden can be expressed in principles used to approach it and being realized. These are based on the concept of permaculture as a principle and way to self-sufficiency and sustainability. (Tomáš Svoboda)

WORKSHOP Permaculture design of the plot – edible garden

SATURDAY APRIL 25 – SUNDAY APRIL 26, ALWAYS 9:30 AM, KRA – Kravín Rural Arts (Hranice 6, Maleč)

Practical excercises in permaculture design. Based on the example of the plot at the courtyard of the former cowhouse, we will excercies in designing the sustainable garden.

Accommodation for participants will be provided at Zastráň– registration in advance necessary. Questions and registration at: lucie.pelouchova@gmail.com (I) lenka.dol@gmail.com (II).

Organized by Yo-yo and KRA – Kravín Rural Arts, OKNO, Ecos, Nadine within the project Alotof – A laboratory on the open fields.

This project was created with the support of EU Kultura and the Czech Ministry of Culture and Školská 28 gallery.