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Main Gallery

In and Out

Jasmine D. Armstrong, Baillie Vensel and Yeoryia Aslanidou
Wed 29.4. - 18:00

Exhibition of international students of the CAS Department + host of FAMU Department of Photography

Works of Jasmine D. Armstrong, Baillie Vensel and Yeoryia Aslanidou combine a focused approach to the subject and a deep personal commitment. All three young authors work very intuitively across media. The gallery presentation points to a particular stage in their process of long-term research on sensitive topics.

Jasmine in her video On the out pays attention to the discrimination of blacks and the racial aspects of the violence. She focused on the construction of one video piece with found footage from American television news. The found footage is superimposed and supplemented by the authorial gestures and active search through blogs and tweets. Events on the laptop screen are recorded accompanied with the painful sounds of fingers on the keyboard. The video culminates into an activist statement; reflecting the racist evil in the mirror of an engaged street performance.

Baillie explores the sonic environment and its resonant qualities as means of communication between her personal world and the viewer / listener. The sound fills up the gallery room as well as the artist's space of exploration. Personal memories are emotionally actualized with the meditation of sound in the space; forming the restoration of mental balance with gradual disappearance and transformation of memories. Baillie refers to the famous piece I Am Sitting in a Room by Alvin Lucier. The theory of sound as a temporary medium is constantly changing over time while being written into the memory of space.

Yeoryia creates a mapping of a trip to Nepal, using Jung's archetypes. Through images, sound, words and geography, the maps trace a walk from a physical existing place, to mental spaces which photography cannot reach and depict.

During the vernissage:
Cihanská Alexandra Machová & Adela Kudlová (vocals)
Morning Song I.
Song for vocal and audiovisual accompaniment
First emerge sounds. While they are something else - the transformation of reality. Eyelid as the boundary between two worlds. On the inside of the inner projection and light penetrates through small pinhole.

Organised by FAMU, Centre of Audiovisual Studies and CAS International program in collaboration with CET/FAMU International and Školská 28 gallery