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Aneta Pavlová: Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness works by focusing our attention on ourselves. Practioners sense their breathing, feelings and bodily sensations, thereby anchoring themselves in the present experience.
Sat 10.12. - 10:00

Perhaps you are familiar with moments when you feel like you’re not present in you own life: you escape to the past, you plan the future, you think about others and you miss the unique time that is yours: here and now. You’ve also probably experienced times when you look at something beautiful and you suddenly become your whole existence in that single moment – the view from the mountain you just climbed, the joy of a child at play, a flowering garden, the embrace of a loved one – and you are overwhelmed with happiness. You sense it and experience it to the fullest. Mindfulness meditation gradually builds our abilit to live in the present moment, to sense, to pay attention to oneself, one’s needs and wishes.

Sign up at info@tibetopenhouse.cz.

Single session: CZK 350

Tibet Open House is a long-term project of the Linhart Foundation, which carries out activities both in Asia (India, Vietnam) and the Czech Republic. From 2017, the Školská 28 Communication Space will host exhibitions and spiritual programs that foster an international cultural dialogue.