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Workshop For Children

Animation and electronic music workshop

with Jana Matulová a Markéta Lisá
Sat 22.6. - 16:00

Come to create your own short film or soundtrack!

This workshop is a continuation of the previous animation workshop. We will focus on creating music for the previous animated films. We will learn to record simple sounds, create sound loops, add effects through a simple sampler and use it during live performances. Both musicians and non-musicians are welcome, as well as those who play various melodic, harmonic and rhythmic instruments and anyone who enjoys playing and listening.

Bring a variety of objects that you can find at home, which may be classical instruments, drums, whistles, sticks, as well as various mobile toys or objects from a material that gives an interesting sound.
If you'd rather make a movie, you can try surface animation that involves combining individual images from two-dimensional images cut out of paper, spatial puppet animation or animation of objects.

The workshop starts at 2 PM, and by 6.30 PM, you will be able to take your own animated movie or sound recording home (on flash disk or CD which you supply).

The workshop is limited to children, and the number of participants is limited to 8, who will work in groups of two.

Register by email: verares@seznam.cz

Entry Fee: 50 Kč

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Workshop animační tvorby a elektronické hudby