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Anna Homler & George Cremaschi duo

Sat 15.11. - 19:30

Anna Homler is a vocal, visual and performance artist based in Los Angeles. With a sensibility that is both ancient and post-modern, Homler sings in an improvised melodic language. Her work explores alternative means of communication and the poetics of ordinary things. She creates perceptual interventions by using language as music and objects as instruments.

Since 1982 she has collaborated in America with composer/musicians Steve Moshier, David Moss, Ethan James, Steve Roden, and Steve Peters; and in Europe, with the Voices of Kwahn, Steve Beresford, Peter Kowald, Frank Schulte, Richard Sanderson, Geert Waegeman, and Sylvia Hallett, among others.

Highlighting Homler’s work is the performance/installation project “Pharmacia Poetica,” which examines the symbolic and tonal qualities of words and objects. The installation has traveled nationwide as part of the exhibition, 40 Years of California Assemblage, and has also been shown at Gracie Mansion in New York; the Center for Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe and Nonsequitur Music Gallery in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Gallery 400 in Chicago Illinois; the Melkfabriek in Den Bosch, Holland; and at Gallery Oko in Amsterdam.From 1994 to 1995 the “Pharmacia Poetica” was part of the traveling exhibition Outside the Frame: Performance and the Object, a survey of performance art in the United States from 1950 to the present. It was also exhibited at Karbon in Zurich, Switzerland; as part of the Santa Monica Festival, Santa Monica, California; and at Gerlesborgsskolan, Gerlesborg Sweden.

At Školská Gallery Anna Homler will perform with George Cremaschi - a composer, performer, teacher and sometime organizer. Using mostly contrabass and electronics, and working with free improvisation and a wide variety of non-idiomatic compositional approaches and techniques, his work attempts to dissolve the boundaries between music, sound art and noise, and extend their existing language, vocabulary and discourse.

Anna Homler is also performing at Alternativa Festival, and an exhibition of photographs documenting her installation "Pharmacia Poetica" has opened 10 November, in the Reading Room of Unijazz.

Entry Fee: 80 Kč – Reduced: 60 Kč

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Anna Homler - Mia Zabelka

Photo: Petra Cvelbar

Anna Homler

Photo: Martin Coxrev

Anna’s Toys

Anna’s Toys

Photo: Michal Kindernay

Photo: Michal Kindernay

Photo: Michal Kindernay

Photo: Michal Kindernay

Photo: Michal Kindernay