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2017 Exhibition Samorosti 2017 5. ročník přehlídky nezávislého umění Workshop Workshop zážitkového hraní: šamanské bubny a píšťaly koncovky Meeting STORYTELLING Na téma: Oslava konce Workshop Stepflow workshop by Carli Jefferson taneční workshop Concert Konzert Johannes Benz + host Workshop VIDEOTAPE workshop s kamerou Exhibition Výstava "Mystický symbolismus" by Lim
7.6. Concert KONCERT KOTULÁN/KORBELÁŘ Křest CD Concert Koncert Soňa Tomečková Band Concert KONCERT JOHANNES BENZ + HOST Zvuková galerie ve dvoře Provozní doba Komunikačního prostoru Školská 28 červen 2017 Exhibition VÝSTAVA STUDENTŮ GYMNÁZIA NA PRAŽAČCE For Children PALAČINKOVÁ PEPINKA Pohádka Workshop MOGEES WORKSHOP BY JARO COSSIGA Premiéra Concert CONCERT LUNATRAKTORS Workshop OVERTONE SINGING Hlasový workshop Concert Koncert Shahab Tolouie Quartet Persian Flamenco Fusion Workshop VIDEOTAPE Workshop s kamerou Exhibition VÝSTAVA JIŘÍ ROTBAUER "Záhada modrého pokoje" Workshop Beatbox Workshop Session BY JARO COSSIGA Performance Carli Jefferson The Fusion experiment Concert Koncert klasické indické hudby
18.4. Workshop Výroba hudebních nástrojů z hlíny Workshop se zahraničními umělci, 15:00 - 17:00 Exhibition Výstava studentů AVU/ ateliér "malby 4" prof. Martina Mainera Outside Space Naše galerie ve dvoře uvádí: Jan Foukal/ Johannes Benz Exhibition Franz Cap Pravděpodobný příběh Františka Čápa., Vernisáž výstavy unikátních fotografií režisérovy zahraniční éry. Autorské čtení z knihy Hany Slavíkové Franz Cap Průvodce životem a dílem filmového režiséra Františka Čápa, vydané JAMU na sklonku roku 2016.
28.2. Concert Concert Martina Trchová and Patrik Henel Martina Trchová performs her own material, rooted in a mutually inspiring output of an entire strong generation of women singer-songwriters.
23.2. Reading KINOKABARET: Vojtěch Bohuslav - What Shall We Do Now? This series aims at presenting the creative output of young film scriptwriters. So far unproduced films will get the chance here to come to life at least for one evening, in the form of staged public readings.
22.2. Meeting Storytelling Kick up within your inner selves a machine powered by imagination. Invent stories, games and techniques which will boost your narrative ego. Come and tell a short story on a given theme, and you´ll find that everyone has a narrative skill, and once you tell a story, you win. Main Gallery Tibet Through the Eyes of Czech Illustrators The exhibition is organized by Lungta Association, whose goal has been to disseminate information about Tibet and to contribute to aspirations towards the preservation of Tibetan culture.
16.2. Concert Concert Kabája - CANCELED Kabája is an all-women outfit that has been around since 2006, producing an attractive variety of folk music for men and humans alike. Uzavření galerie do 17.2. Workshop Birthday Party workshop Programme to accompany Josef Málek and Eva Pacalová´s exhibition Birthday Party.
7.2. Concert Concert Mother Uraño Mother Uraño is an experimental band based in Copenhagen.
5.2. For Children Storytelling: Tales of Granny Wordorder Who wouldn´t be fond of fairytales? Those we are going to present to you here come from Granny Wordorder - and you bet she knows as many tales as there´s little girls and boys added up together.
2.2. Concert Jakub Čermák: concert and film Neo-folk drawing inspiration from the Czech alternative scene and gypsy rap
26.1. Reading KINOKABARET: Lucie Kryzová - Polnička The cycle presents the work of young scriptwriters. Yet unproduced films get an early preview for a night in the form of a staged reading.
25.1. Meeting Storybar: Theme for January – FREEDOM Myths. Joyful everyday insights. Stories. Personal experiences. Gallery is closed from January 17. till January 18, 2017.
16.1. Concert Concert Molotow Moloch Quartet Molotow Moloch Quartet is an experimental synthethis of various elements from any music that does not offend the strict – albeit open – taste of its members.
12.1. Concert Concert Tomáš J Holý and Kuba Štrba Tomáš J Holý is a Czech guitarist, Kuba Štrba is an allround musician. Outside Space Zsófie Anny Kollár: Inter – views In late summer 2016, the village of Lhotka near Beroun became the venue of an international festival held under the codename Trsy (Clusters). Main Gallery Eva Pacalová and Josef Málek: Birthday Party Birthday Party is the name of an exhibition of a duo of collaborating artists, Eva Pacalová and Josef Málek.


19.12. Screening CINEMA ASIA: Pre-Christmas surprise A high-quality, low-solemnity film review cycle focused on Chinese opera in film. Presented by: Ladislav Čumba.
17.12. Lecture Petra Arcimovičová: Tibetan exercises and qigong for women Petra Arcimovičová is a qigong instructor.
15.12. Reading KINOKABARET: Lucie Inversion, Major Tom on the Trans-Siberian Railway This cycle presents the work of young scriptwriters. Yet unproduced films get an early preview for a night in the form of a staged reading.
11.12. Lecture Heather McGadie: Uvolnění/protahování/pohyb/tanec Taneční a pohybové kurzy pro dospělé veze zkušená lektorka v češtině i angličtině.
11.12. Lecture Petra Slabá: Raw Christmas pastry “bake” workshop Hungry for something new? Want to refresh your body, cleanse your organism and unlock your energy? Come for inspiration: taste and prepare traditional Czech Christmas pastries in a raw variation. All recipes will be handed out to participants.
10.12. Lecture Aneta Pavlová: Mindfulness Meditation Mindfulness works by focusing our attention on ourselves. Practioners sense their breathing, feelings and bodily sensations, thereby anchoring themselves in the present experience.
8.12. Performance Krisztián Kristóf tells a story Performance in frame of Ukradená Galerie. Meeting at ROH kavárna (U Božích bojovníků 606/3, 130 00 Praha 3-Žižkov) at 9 pm