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9.4. Screening Limetree of the 3rd millenium Film projection Main Gallery Pavel Matela Reunion of Strangers
27.3. Screening Eutopie
26.3. Concert o.blaat (Keiko Uenishi) - concert Car Décalé (Légèrement)/Because Shifted (Slightly)
25.3. Screening Jeanne Liotta Screening Main Gallery sonicSENSE Barney Haynes, Jennifer Parker and team Workshop sonicSENSE Workshop Student workshop
12.3. Concert Mikroloops / lab session
11.3. Lecture Miloš Šejn and Handa Gote Harvesting, Raking in Sounds and Composting Pictures Main Gallery Miloš Šejn Gardening
4.3. Screening Robert Nelson Screening
2.3. Second Life Jana Bebrová
26.2. Places of Emergence Places of Action: Czech Action Art from the 60s-90s. Lecture by Pavlína Morganová
16.2. Lecture Radio Memory Brandon Labelle Main Gallery Jan Fabián
9.2. Concert BA: SPEV Site specific audiovisual performance for Školská 28
30.1. Fotograf magazine new issue party
29.1. Concert NZP - Prague Rezonant From the antology of Prague aural and image scapes
28.1. Vladimír Beskid - Peter Sceranka: Retrospective
21.1. Lecture SUV and the shopping bag Contemporary Russia - photographs and discussion.
16.1. Lecture Stencil Nation Book and Slide Presentation Main Gallery Photographic Series Štěpán Grygar

2008 Main Gallery We wish you a Merry Christmasand a Happy New Year We open again on January 7
18.12. Concert Christmas Gathering Christmas gathering and contemplation with the cooking recepies and carols
16.12. Mákos guba And Hungarian Short Animated films
12.12. Oldřich Janota Deaf Children
11.12. Emergent Places Lecturer: Adriena Primusová
10.12. Sittcomm award Presentation Main Gallery And for that reason… A photo and biographic installation
1.12. Peggy Ahwesh, Keith Sanborn Filmmakers’ screening 16mm film: The Deadman
27.11. Hra na ohradu - prezentation (20') Text: Stanislav Dvorský, Direction, concept: Lukáš Jiřička, image: Martin Blažíček, music: Robert Piotrowicz, cooperationAnna Zaradny /PL/, voice: Jan Novotný
26.11. Concert Richter&son Concert
20.11. Martin Alaçam, Michael Delia, Hearn Gadbois Quitars, mbiras, percussions, Main Gallery Margita Titlová Ylovsky Irbis Project
3.11. Lecture Nick Deamer Presentation
31.10. Closing Party Come to the SlideShow
30.10. Slide-fairy tales and slide-horror show Johana Švarcová, Kateřina Zochová, Markéta Lisá, Jan Kratochvíl & Audiofenky
29.10. Stereoscopic Photography Club Club party and public projection
23.10. Gebhard Sengmüller: A Parallel Image Presentation
22.10. A Slide Party for your slides and commentary
20.10. Walk through the slide history & Vladmaster soirée Lenka Dolanová, Kateřina Svatoňová, Václav Hájek, Miloš Vojtěchovský and guests
17.10. VJ's slideshow evening by Puk-Puk band and the slideshow jam with Dj Babypuch and Anymade Djs Bring your own slides, filters, lenses!
16.10. Slide lessons of gymnastics, ecology and others Presented by Tomáš Hrůza and Veronika Daňhelová
15.10. Home-made Cinema of Milada Marešová (1920) Commented projection by Martina Pachmanová
15.10. Call for Submissions Main Gallery Photographic Slides in the Era of Homemade Media
25.9. Lecture Places of Emergence Main Gallery Ladislav Babuščák, Jan Šimánek 49 %OUCH!51 %YEAH!
11.9. Voluntary Kamikadze Tereza Sochorová, Filip Cenek j.h., Georgij Bagdasarov
11.9. Lecture Fotozóna #10 Prague-Kraków-Sopot and back