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2008 Main Gallery Star Cluster Tereza Sochorová, Filip Cenek j.h.
27.6. Concert Mamapapa Prophets of Alphabet
25.6. Kata Huszár evening
19.6. Concert Jez riley French, Jo Ray and guests Sound and visual performance
18.6. Emergent Places The Art of the Exhibiton: modern art installations of the 1930sLecturer: Vojtěch Lahoda
12.6. Julien Maire Presentation
11.6. Join the British artist and field recordist Jez riley French for a free sound walk
5.6. Fotozóna #9 True Stories of Certain People: Spies, Travelers and Archivists Main Gallery Family Archives Lost and Found A group project by young photographers from Great Britain
2.6. Visual Archives
29.5. Alessandro Bosetti Mask Mirror Live from 7PM:rtsp://proud.beroun.amu.cz/liv
22.5. Screening Dan Sandin Chicago Electronic Video Art and Performance from the 1970s
21.5. Finish night Juan Kasari – Jonna Johansson and 00130 gallery
7.5. Main Gallery Radio soireé Main Gallery Marian Palla
29.4. mtps28 Michail Cabowitz, Lasonick, Michal Kindernay, Martin Blažíček, Kryštof Pešek, Whitelabel.name Main Gallery mtps28 Multiplace08 festival
24.4. Emergent Places Ruch in the Prague Exhibition milieuLecturer: Ondřej Chrobák
9.4. Martin Alaçam – guitar, elektronics, Hearn Gadbois – percussion
3.4. Screening Janie Geiser and Lewis Klahr 16mm screening Main Gallery Ondřej Přibyl - Matouš Karel Řeřicha Models of the World
20.3. Open House at Open Studios Menu: Spring Scramble
19.3. Lecture Emergent Places Galleries and Exhibitions in the First Half of the 19th CenturyA lecture by Monika Sybolová
17.3. Screening Matthew de Gennaro Audio-visual performance for super-8 film and wire
12.3. Screening Bradley Eros Screening Main Gallery Endless Painting Michaela Petrů, Edita Pattová Main Gallery Aleš Čermák As if nothing, but with a touch nonetheless
28.2. Lecture Fotozona #8 Jan Mlčoch, Jiří Holna: Drtikol jinak
21.2. Screening Henry Hills Screening Main Gallery Michal Rádl Between the Paintpot and the Palette (or, Between the Event and the Painting) Main Gallery 4th Shift Anna Chmelová, Milena Průžková, Eva Sakuma Main Gallery Why Are We Here Www.youtube.com/procjsmetady


17.12. Screening Seven Ears of the Zodiac ŤEREMIN:mě.sto.p.ohyb:VOX
5.12. Screening Robert Beavers Filmmaker’s screening Main Gallery Tactus 2007 Tactile Books
26.11. Školská Chile-out Open Situations 6
15.11. Lecture Street Art Prague – book launch
15.11. Press Conference for the book launch of Street Art Praha
9.11. Screening About Ivan Blatný Commented projection
8.11. Screening Ben Russell Filmmaker screening Main Gallery Street Art Prague
1.11. Screening Mikroloops Martin Blažíček / Michal Cab / Lasonick
31.10. Celebration of the Day of St. Speeta, Virgins and Martyrs and Post-Holy Day of the Elicitation of the Book of Cantations and Missal of JSD connected with the Celebrated Assumption of New Confidantes of JSD Ajnorín’s ACCORD with UPSYCH
26.10. An Engrossing Discussion, the personal Attestations of Several Collaborators, Confidantes, Sacrifactors, et al.; A Screening of a Documentary Film – Adama Oľhy, Radka Tůmy, Radima Labudy, et al. Ajnorín’s ACCORD with UPSYCH
25.10. Screening Children’s Film Factory Screening and discussion
24.10. Specialist Lecture on the Activities of the Peerless Brotherhood of the Holy Nurture Ajnorín’s ACCORD with UPSYCH
19.10. Agitational Lecture on the Importance and Activities of the ŠŠ Unit Ajnorín’s ACCORD with UPSYCH
18.10. Lecture Fotozóna #7 Jiří Pátek : The Well Considered Refusal
17.10. Lecture Lecture on the Problem of Alternative Psychiatric Care at UPSYCH in Kuřivody Ajnorín’s ACCORD with UPSYCH
12.10. Celebration of the holy day of the founding of the Church of the Suffering of Lord Kobra and a vigil for the Anniversary of the Day of the Struggle for Womankind Ajnorín’s ACCORD with UPSYCH