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2014 Hole Gallery Soundscape: September 2011 Kink Gong (Laurent Jeanneau) White Billboard Enter individually Radomír Rokyta
6.11. Discussion The Word Must Become Flesh, The Soul Thirsts 80th anniversary of the publication of Henry Miller's iconic Tropic of Cancer (1934), Moderated by: Ondřej Skovajsa, Concert: Paumanok
31.10. Dernissage Reception for artists and cultural workers of 29.1.1947 Tomáš Uhnák
27.10. Screening Jakub Jansa While setting the title generator
23.10. Performance Robert B. Lisek, chfs, Manuel Knapp: Critical Machine Opera Guest: Michal Cáb, Location: Institut intermédií
23.10. Lecture Transition Towns Rob Hopkins and Transition Initiatives
13.10. Concert Jorge Espinal & Orquestra de Guitarra Locas guitar improvisation
9.10. Soundwalk Babylon II
6.10. Concert Ilia Belorukov – Martin Alaçam – White Wigwam electroacoustic improvisation Main Gallery David Miller Sol's Light, Curator: Clio E. Bugel, Exhibition prolonged until October 30 Outside Space Sam Ashley Of the Essence (1984 – 2014), Curator: Miloš Vojtěchovský, Place: SPZ Gallery White Billboard Matyáš Chochola The Song of Birds of Prey
29.9. Symposium Socks from Grandma II. Old age, senior citizens and intergenerational relations in the work of artists
27.9. Performance Depressed Children Eager for Money: Rádio Bolehlav – What’s art for? Prologue in cooperation with the festival Divadelná Nitra - Art, What For?, premiere Hole Gallery Rain Choir: Prague Variation Sebastiane Hegarty
25.9. Lecture Gregory Bateson: An Ecology of Mind, the Patterns that Connects Lecturer: Jiří Zemánek
17.9. Screening Matěj Al-Ali Video Screening Festival KontrA2punkt 2014 Vol. 3 of the post-genre music festival, Location: Kokpit Kafé Main Gallery Mimo sezónu/Poza sezonem/Utószezon/Out of Season Ewa Justka (PL), Tamás Kaszás (HU), Péter Szabó (HU), Lloyd Dunn (USA)
9.9. Performance wakushoppu: Ewa Justka (PL) / Jackie Triste (HU) Place: Café V lese Hole Gallery Drum Machine Brutalized Ewa Justka
27.8. Concert Laura Luna "Isolarios" release party Presentation Open studio/ Ewa Justka (PL) electronic music, hardware hacking
21.8. Discussion Sudden and obscene invasion of the Czechoslovakia Discussion with Revaz Cincadze Presentation Open studio/ Péter Szabó (HU) drawing, conceptual art Hole Gallery Behind the Wall (for ensemble) Lucie Vítková
21.7. Book Launch An Evening of Celebration Double Book Launch, Spell Breaking; Remembered Ways of Being; An Anthology of Women's Mysteries by Ione, Anthology of Text Scores by Pauline Oliveros
20.7. Jam Session Vs. Interpretation Preliminary Program Main Gallery Live Transmissions Morgan O’Hara
20.7. Workshop That Sounds Great! Experiencing Sound Festival Vs. Interpretation Interdisciplinary Festival of Experimental Art
29.6. Workshop Standuino “bastl” workshop III Granular sampler MG 2.0 Hole Gallery Binaural Recordings and Sine Waves Yiorgis Sakellariou
16.6. Concert Metal, Water, Air Gustavo Costa, Martin Janíček, Marek Matvija
12.6. Presentation Origami with Hračkotéka Main Gallery Milan Guštar For Le Caine (Closed for Maintenance) Hole Gallery Dripsody (1955) Hugh Le Caine
9.6. Concert Doug van Nort Electroacoustic free improvisation White Billboard Two Planets Are Waxing in My Mind Lenka Vítková
4.6. Discussion The Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile wants to protect the interests of all Tibetians
2.6. Concert Junk & the beast + kommando raumschiff zitrone Electroacoustic improvisation + songs
28.5. Book Launch S–rové dřevo šptně HŘÍ & Ora Pro Nobis Christening of Oldřich Janota’s new Book
26.5. Concert Arnold Dreyblatt On Memory, Music, and Disappearing Images Rental Movement/voice/rhythm/drama space rented for workshop
22.5. Concert Marek Hlaváč - Colective Electronic Music + Sara Pinheiro - Cat and Tongue Main Gallery Veronika Mayer Scattering
6.5. Screening Pure Mobile / Dolce Vita Monika Fryčová - author’s video screening, discussion
5.5. Concert Bonnie Jones (solo), Andreas Trobollowitsch (solo) Alexandre Losada & Michal Zbořil (duo) Hole Gallery Praha nov20 Colonel XS