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7.11. Presentation Zbyněk Baladrán
3.11. Workshop Pix 1 Workshop fyzické animace pro děti Main Gallery A Proposal for Altered Score Auudiovisual interpretation by Jolana Havelková and Lucie Vítková Grey Room Matěj Smetana Antic II.
29.10. Concert ease Klaus Filip (laptop) & noid (laptop) Workshop Klaus Filip & noid masterclass
27.10. Workshop Cooking the Books II (Ulysses) Creative cooking workshop with Marcus Bergner
22.10. Discussion Intimacy of Independent Galleries conference in the framewok of Czech - Islandic cultural exchange
21.10. Concert Hotelgäste Michael Thieke / Derek Shirley / Dave Bennett
17.10. Concert Jamie Drouin / Dušan Urbanec Live a-v
14.10. Performance Bruce McClure Live cinema solo
10.10. Lecture Photography As Photography-Lecture Tomáš Pospěch Main Gallery Photography As Photography – Bořek Sousedík, Karel Kameník, Josef Moucha Photography of 80s - Endless Waiting
2.10. Concert Alessandro Bosetti solo
23.9. Workshop Cooking the Books I Creative cooking workshop with Marcus Bergner
22.9. Screening Klára Tasovská: Midnight Main Gallery No Time for Heroes Martin Janíček, Martin Zet, Danilo Capasso, Christian Costa, Jaro Dufek, Dominika Skutnik, Krzysztof Topolski.
18.9. Performance Pellucens Oratio A performance in Words and Movements by Milos Sejn and Frank van de Ven
17.9. Concert Graham / Murayama / Palacký / Vrba electroacoustic improvisation Grey Room Forest Works - Petr Stibral From the forestal wilds Workshop Mashroom hunters and mushroom pickers Traditional mushroom exhibition and celebration
6.9. Lecture Acoustic Geography of North Bohemia Václav Cílek and Hugh Livingstone Main Gallery Departures - Karel Cudlín, Vojta Dukát, Vojtěch Hönig slides, video and photographs Presentation Book the Book Imago et verbum: Art book minimarket
23.6. Performance Antonio Della Marina / Alessandra Zucchi - Dreamspaces Live a-v performance
22.6. Concert Aural dwellings and others Evening in the framework of The Sonic Tresholds exhibition
20.6. Concert Colors of femine mind - Voice Ensamble Final Concert of Zuzana Vlčinská voice workshop
16.6. Concert From different points New music and new media works
9.6. Concert Ora pro Nobis and Oldřich Janota
5.6. Concert Isabelle Duthoit / Franz Hautzinger Workshop Isabelle Duthoit / Franz Hautzinger - Workshop workshop on improvisation Concert Be Playful Between image and sound Grey Room Martin Blažíček - Sky blue
21.5. Concert I treni inerti - Ruth Barberán / Alfredo Costa Monteiro Music without ornaments Main Gallery Przemysław Jasielski - The Opportunity robotic installation in the space
12.5. Concert Christof Kurzmann / Crys Cole
3.5. Concert Derek Holzer - Tonewheels live Optical sound & color music Workshop Marold Langer Philippsen - Streetmusic three Radio workshop - audiovisual performance Grey Room Audrey Ellis Fox - i have to wonder video installation
28.4. Concert Jorge Haro / Transport Puzzle Live a-v
22.4. Lecture Selected chapters from german videoart A lecture byTomáš Pospiszyl
21.4. Screenlab Vj Kolouch / Strangelet / Kateřina Bílková live a-v
12.4. Presentation Ulay: Earth Water Catalogue lecture at FAMU, room U1, first floor Main Gallery Record>Again! 40jahrevideokunst.de – part 2
2.4. Concert Open Stage - HfG meets Prague Collaborative performace of aborigins with students of HfG Karlsruhe.
27.3. Concert Will Guthrie solo
22.3. Presentation Rietveld in Prague: Uta Eisenreich Graphic design department at Gerrit Rietveld Academie present process and results of their work.
21.3. Presentation Rietveld in Prague: Linda van Deursen a Jakub Straka Graphic design department at Gerrit Rietveld Academie present process and results of their work.
17.3. Concert Cecilia Quinteros - Hearn Gadbois solo and duo for violoncello and perkussion White Billboard Dear Friend - please, unsuscribe me ... anonymous billboard for the virtual no-friendschip