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Association for Progressive Communication

The End Violence: Women’s Rights and Safety

Skolska Gallery is partner of the project. The project is not open for the public.

The End Violence: Women's Rights and Safety online project is being implemented in seven countries through a combination of strategies that contribute towards ending violence against women (VAW) through building women’s leadership and ensuring women’s rights and safety online. The countries are Pakistan, Philippines, Bosnia, DRC, Mexico, Colombia and Kenya.

An integral activity is strengthening the institutional capacity of women’s rights organisations to become leaders in addressing technology-related violence against women through change in their own organizational practice. Like any tool, ICTs can be tremendously useful, but the tools we use to stay safe are the same tools that can be used against us. Understanding and having control over the way we communicate online and knowing what the digital security issues are empowers activists to
express, associate and organize effectively. With the increase in technology-mediated violence against women, it becomes imperitive that women's rights activists have the knowledge and confidence to combat this.

APC will be meeting to host a training-of-trainers in secure online communications between 16-19 April in Prague. Participants will learn and share the tools, strategies and feminist approaches to secure online communications. Integrating the internet rights issues inherent in online communications will be explored from both local and global perspectives. Through skills and knowledge exchange and sharing training methodologies, we will build effective and safe responses to technology-mediated violence against women.