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Grey Room Main Gallery

Audrey Ellis Fox - i have to wonder

video installation
Thu 28.4. - 20:00

here i am // here you are // here it is

"i have to wonder" is a video and sculptural site specific installation piece that explores the symbiotic relationship between the human mind and its physical and psychological environment. Speaking to the fact that "reality" does not exist on its own, but rather is always interpreted through the lens of "the inner eye," my work explores the question of how our thought processes and feelings affect the perception of the world we live in. In wondering how our personal psychology interprets our environment, I am also questioning how our self-created perceptions of the physical environment ultimately affect our psychological identities.

Audrey Ellis Fox is a sound and video artist and performer from Los Angeles, CA. A third year student of music and video at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, Audrey is currently taking classes at the Center of Audiovisual Studies at the Film and Television Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, CZ. Her interests include psychological video art; writing/singing/producing/performing pop songs and experimental electronic music; guerilla theater and dance performances; poetry; karaoke; and talking to weirdos.