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Discussion Presentation

Authors’ guided exhibition tour & art in orchards

Jana Doležalová, Štěpán Plátek, Jan Freiberg, Lenka Dolanová, Michal Kindernay
Thu 15.11. - 19:00

Authors' guided exhibition tour & art in orchards

Within the frame of accompanying exhibition program authors Jana Doležalová and Štěpán Plátek will present their project Agrosquatting, which they adjusted to the gallery space. Jan Freiberg will introduce his plantation project and artist ran non profit association yo-yo will talk about activities (not only) in a former cowshed in Vysočina region.

The project "SAD" (orchard) by Jan Freiberg is moveable, richly textured artistic-social project on the border of photography, local history, farming and social therapy. Jan Freiberg explores the phenomenon of arboriculture through photography, but also social and documentary approaches. "SAD" project takes the form of mobile collection point. For the time being realized in two places. In Uničov, where Blanka Švédová participated, acquired locally historical form and finished with small exhibition in the local public library and interventions in Unicov environment. Furthermore, in a photo studio of Michael Kalhous at the University of Ostrava, in Volyně area or in Prague within the frame of "Revive the house" festival.

Yo-yo is non profit organization association connecting artists, curators, but also individuals from diverse disciplines (beekeeping, handcrafts, biology, etc.) The association's activities are wide, from workshops, themed events and exhibitions up to small conferences and more complex which touch the boundary between art and ecology in urban and rural environment. Lenka Dolanová and Michal Kindernay will introduce planned projects related to the topics of orchards, beekeeping and hunting.

The evening will include a tasting of domestic cider.