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Concert Lecture Main Gallery

Be Playful

Between image and sound
Thu 2.6. - 20:00

A broad understanding of the issue of communication is the concept behind the exhibition Be Playful. Curators Jana Matulová and Blanka Švédová were inspired by the art of the graphic scores of Milan Grygar, Milan Adamčiak and other conceptual artists of 1960s and 1970s. Taking as a framework the task of how to approach the question
of how two or more artists can mutually influence one another, they invited several young Czech artists working with sound and image to react to the original concepts of the graphic scores.
The starting point of the show is Milan Adamčiak's graphic scores, and the installations of the exhibiting artists evolved from this blueprint. The curators of the exhibition also attempt to examine the issue of notation and how contemporary artists approach interpreting old artistic schemes. Now we can hear and see the visual composition,
blurring the distinct borders between the audible and the visible.

The graphic scores of Milan Adamčiak are the inspiration for the interactive radio installation of Richard Loskot. The visualisation of the sound is Michal Kindernay's subject of study; his computer-generated drawings refer to the work of Milan Grygar. Radim Labuda realised a new piece in the series "Lorem ipsum # III", a formalistic performative game that uses video recording tools and has determined rules. Pavel Havrda exhibits his "fragment of a shield", a
found object that refers to the work of Milan Adamčiak; the instrument will be 'sonified' during the opening, in collaboration with Jan Plesl.

(curated by: Jana Matulová, Blanka Švédová)

The works of Milan Adamčiak are courtesy of a kind loan from the
Artandconcept Gallery, with special thanks to Boris Kršńák.

Additional program in Galery Tranzitdisplay, Ditrichova 9, Praha 2:

6. 6. / 7. pm / Transmusic comp.

Discussion and meeting with Milan Adamčiak and Michal Murín, screening
of the film Muzikológ a tvorca, concert of Transmusic comp. The
evening is moderated by Markéta Lisá

28. - 29.6. / 6. - 19.pm Tomáš Dvořák/ RGB

Interactive sound and light installation.

Exhibiting artists:

Milan Adamčiak (born 1946) is a Slovak composer, musician,
musicologist, constructor of sound objects, installations and
unconventional musical instruments, performer, visual artist and
experimental poet. Since the mid-1960s he has focused on experimental
poetry, graphic scores and the creation of sound objects that recall
the artistic strategies of John Cage and Fluxus. He revived the
activities of Transmusic comp. - Ensemble of unconventional music
(1989) at the end of the 1980s, founded the Society of Unconventional
Music (Spoločnosť pre nekonvenčnú hudbu - SNEH, 1990) and initiated
the FIT - Festival of Intermedia Creativity (Bratislava, 1991 and
1992). In 1990 he co-founded New Seriousness. His graphic scores have
been used for music and dance performances (Petra Fornayová
Diamondance: Reloaded, 2010).

Pavel Havrda (1984) and Jan Plesl are students at the Department of
Interactive Media at the Univerzita Jana Evangelisty Purkyně in Ústí
nad Labem. Both perform in the NoNo/EarIn group.

Michal Kindernay (1978) is an intermedia artist working with
interactive connections of sound, image and other inputs, in an
environment of interactive computer applications designed for working
with sound and image such as Max and Pure Data. He uses them largely
as open and interactive composition systems, helping him to define the
form of his work using an algorithm affecting various parameters of
his audio-visual compositions in real time. His previous works include
both video performances and installations, and interactive
Internet-based projects (It's Fun to be Bohemian, 2007, with Lenka
Dolanová). He frequently collaborates with sound artist Guy van Belle,
and is a member of Yo-Yo, OKNO and the Society of Alogorithm. He
graduated from FAVU, Brno, and currently studies at the Film and
Television Faculty at AMU, Prague.

Radim Labuda (1976) uses the medium of video in unexpected ways:
sometimes his work is poetic and sometimes radically unconventional.
The problems of contemporary culture become interrelated with his
personal stories. His shots are composed like paintings. At first they
appear commonplace and ephemeral, however they often conceal a
narrative or become almost abstract.

Richard Loskot (1984) graduated from the Department of Visual
Communication at Technical University Liberec and the studio of
Magdaléna Jetelová ABDK in Munich. He is interested in the technical
(mechanical and electronic), sonic and visual aspects of