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Behind the Voice: Myriam Van Imschoot, Toine Horvers, Doreen Kutzke, Marcus Bergner

Curated by: Marcus Bergner
Fri 21.2. - 18:00

A Performance Event in Three Parts

Voices might be likened to ‘siren spores’ in terms of what Ernst Bloch regards as the ‘Not-Yet-Conscious’ and, as such, transform into, or bring forth instants of anticipatory perception and remembering that otherwise would of remained unimaginable or unrecognisable ( ‘petites perceptions insensibles’). What appears and reappears behind the voice is primarily derived from/towards other possibilities, layered and transposed simultaneously, willingly or unwillingly, and accordingly able to reveal a range of desired or designed uses and misuses. Here together are four corners and two distinct edges, set within three parts to a performative event with certain opportunities for collision/collusion accidentally, mesmerically or mnemonically becoming enmeshed and dispersed to the present. The evening will begin with work from Horvers and Bergner (45mins) followed by a culinary entr’acte or break (45mins) and then conclude with work from Van Imschoot and Kutzke (45mins).

Horvers and Bergner will draw from their individual approaches to language and voice to mount a combination of pieces. This will include collaboration/participation from students of the Intermedia 3 Atelier at The Academy of Fine Art in Prague and involve the pieces: Scheepshoorn (Horvers) Tijd (Horvers) Unisono: Text by Samual Uriezen (Horvers) Numbers (Shadow) For the Projector (Bergner) and Bronson (Arf Arf). Whereas Van Imschoot and Kutzke will present a world première to a new yodelling work composed by Van Imschoot entitled Hola Hu with a Kucha Added. A work sung in strict ‘unisono’ and that involves, as Van Imschoot explains: “moving in between two yodel phrases that are gradually decomposed and/or recomposed on the way. The treatment reveals the sonorities that linger with a voice technique that requires the singers to loose control and recapture themselves. Breaking the voices, breaking the sound waves, leaping and inviting the audience to sing along internally through memory.”

A specially devised culinary ‘intermezzo’ or ‘entr’acte’ part of this event will occur between the two performances, and be a way of replenishing and distracting the senses by introducing other oral contingencies within the overall mix.

Myriam Van Imschoot is a Brussels based artist who works with sound and interview archives with a special interest in the performative potential of documents and the construction of alternative historiographies. Her work crosses various disciplines such as sound installation, performance and video. Fascinated by the phenomena of long distance communication, she embarked on a cycle of works that deal with, yodelling, crying and waving.
Doreen Kutzke is a Berlin based composer, musician and performer. As a teacher and practitioner of contemporary yodelling she is an expert in traditional forms such as country and folk but also a vanguard performer of free and experimental yodel. She has collaborated with a number of artists, composers and musicians and performed her work throughout Europe and the UK. Recent releases include (with Van Imschoot) the green vinyl recording: Public Sound #3 Yodelling (De Player, Rotterdam, 2013).
Toine Horvers is an artist based in Rotterdam who works with language, the body and voice. Increasingly language has become, as he recently stated: “a source of inspiration, becoming both concept and matter, and expressed in forms, patterns and processes that show similarity with patterns and processes in children’s games as well as in ritual ceremonies.” Aspects that are wonderfully reflected in his most recent and groundbreaking artist publication: Chartres one hour of sound in a Gothic cathedral (Onomatopee Editions, 2013).
Marcus Bergner is an Australian artist who has exhibited his experimental films and performance work (with the Australian sound poetry group Arf Arf) across Europe, United States and Australia. He has previously curated/organised a wide range of film screenings, performances, exhibitions and experimental literary/culinary workshops.

Event curator/notes: Marcus Bergner

Liive audiostream from the evening will be available at: www.skolska28.cz/stream

Event is organized in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut in Prague.

Behind the Voice

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