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Hole Gallery

Behind the Wall (for ensemble)

Lucie Vítková

When composing Behind the Wall I was inspired by the unconventional nature and location of Hole Gallery and so, I chose the idea of wall as a conceptual basis. It pervades both the musical structure of the song (tones are folded over each other like bricks) and in the deployment of the players and the audience during the performance (the audience and performers are in separate rooms). Thus, the stage remains empty and the wall acts as a natural sound filter. For each performance, the color and dynamics vary according to the thickness of the wall, its material composition and the acoustic conditions.

For this installation, I have choses two recordings made by the group Dunes from Brno. The first takes place under ideal conditions in the studio, in contrast to the second, which is a recording of a live performance, which manifests the audience's natural connection with the presence of the performers. If the performers are not seen, then the listeners begin to get a sense of the music only after a certain time.

Each recording has its own specific character, the environment here plays a large role. So now if you connect your headphones to the Hole Gallery, you can hear what is going on behind the walls.

Ensemble Dunami

synthesizer - Edgar Mojdl, soprano saxophone - Radim Hanousek, clarinet - Paul Zlamal voice - Lucie Páchová, accordion - Lucie Vítková

Running time: about 21 minutes

Performance by Lucie Vitkova

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Performance by Lucie Vitkova