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Carli Jefferson

The Fusion experiment
Thu 13.4. - 12:15

From April 2017, the Školská 28 Communication Space will host The Fusion Experiment under the art direction of Carli Jefferson and her Lunatraktors project. The Fusion Experiment brings together creative practitioners from many disciplines, united by the theme of spiritual process. The programme invites artists, performers, dancers and musicians to break open the boxes and explore new communication practices as part of a community. Over the course of 2017, the Fusion Experiment will facilitate interactive workshops, residencies, performances, and exhibitions; a light, clean and safe space of conversation and experimentation to generate living philosophical practices and new collaborations.

Carli Jefferson was born in Essex, England in 1978. Trained in multiple dance styles and choreography, Carli’s professional focus has been on exploring a live performance language that integrates dance and expressive movement, percussion and rhythmics, and performer/viewer interactivity. She has made work for stage and screen, as well as gallery, theatre, site-specific, commercial and street contexts. Alongside her work as a professional choreographer and teacher, her artistic practice incorporates making in multiple media, including costume, installation, sculpture, collage, sound and film. Carli specialises in facilitating collaborations and producing new transdisciplinary works.