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CINEMA ASIA: Pre-Christmas surprise

A high-quality, low-solemnity film review cycle focused on Chinese opera in film. Presented by: Ladislav Čumba.
Mon 19.12. - 18:30

To the Western observer, Chinese opera is the ideal entry point to Chinese aesthetics. Chinese musical theatre is exceptional in its concept of total theatre. It’s not just a complex sign system of established dramaturgic resources. The way the plot is presented and the approach to theatrical causality is radicallly different from other Asian cultures. In fact, this causality is quite unlike that used in classic Chinese literature. Another unique characteristic is the use of a literary language that is incomprehensible to a present-day audience. As a visitor said at this year’s peformance of the Chinese opera classic The Legend of the White Snake, in Plzeň: “When the author doesn’t know how to move the plot ahead, he considers only the most unlikely options. And among these options he always chooses the most bizarre.”

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