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Cluster Ensemble plays Philip Glass

Similar Motion
Mon 1.6. - 19:30

Two compositions by Philip Glass from 1969 interpreted by the Cluster Ensemble.
Selected from: Philip Glass — Music in Contrary Motion, Music in Fifths, Music in Similar Motion

Electronic organs: Ivan Šiller, Fero Király

Cluster Ensemble was established in 2008 by musicians whose main interest is to create multimedia projects, performances and happenings in cooperation with film-makers, photographers and visual artists. Currently the ensemble comprises of nine artists from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy and South Korea.

Their repertoire consists mainly from pieces by contemporary composers, such as Steve Reich and Martin Burlas, but they also perform compositions by main figures of the 20th century music (John Cage, Galina Ustvolskaja, Erik Satie, Morton Feldman). Their works are included in the Cluster Ensemble’s projects LIVING ROOM, SILENT NIGHT and COLD WAR. Cluster Ensemble performs regularly at festivals in Slovakia and abroad.

Similar Motion is one of the continual projects of the Cluster Ensemble.

Entry Fee: 80 Kč – Reduced: 60 Kč