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For Children Christmas Bazaar


with Antonín Tomášek

Workshop for parents and children with porcelain master Antonín Tomášek.

Children will create their own designs on the porcelain using provided materials (basic geometric shapes, letters, numbers) and a free collage technique.

The works will be later kilned which will make the designs permanent, color fast, suitable for everyday use, and washable in a dishwasher.

During the next week, the items can be collected for a fee of 280,-CZK.

Each piece will be marked with the date and place of execution.

Workshop location: Školská 28, in the corner of the courtyard at the studio of porcelain master Antonín Tomášek.

The organizers will provide:
- blank items (porcelain mugs, and other porcelain forms to select from).
- screen printing sheets and colored areas
- screen printing for basic geometric shapes of different sizes and colors
- assistance.

Antonín Tomášek graduated from VŠUP, Prague, from the studio of ceramics and porcelain. He was half the designer team Whitefruit. For his work has won several awards, including the 2000 Outstanding Product of the Year from the Design Centre of the Czech Republic.


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