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Concept of The Školská 28 Communication Space

The Školská 28 Communication Space aims to foster an international dialogue through art and learning.
Tue 15.11. - 10:45

In the coming years, we will build on our successful relations with foreign partners and extend our activities to new continents. Currently, Školská 28’s program focuses especially on European artists. Located at the very heart of the Old Continent, where East meets West, the center aims to become an important hub for cultural interchange. At first, the programming will focus on East and South Asia, in particular China-Tibet and India. Školská 28 will host these activities under the banner of the Linhart Foundation’s long-term project, the Tibet Open House.

The new project aims to create a communication center for cultural relations – a place alive with encounters among a broad audience of experts and laymen.

The Tibet Open House project, 2017 – 2021.
Tibet Open House is a long-term project of the Linhart Foundation, which carries out activities both in Asia (India, Vietnam) and in the Czech Republic. Starting in 2017, the Školská 28 Communication Space will host courses, exhibitions and seminars focused on spiritual matters. From February 2017, the center will operate under the leadership of Linhart Foundation scholar Geshe Yeshi Gawa, the Tibetan-born former biographer of H.H. the Dalai Lama, who will teach Tibetan culture and history, Tibetan language and Buddhist philosophy.

The public takes an active part in Školská 28’s activities. Our philosophy is to create an open space for a dialogue between artists of various nationalities and the public in Prague – experts and laymen alike. We are strengthening this mission by introducing new activities that keep the center “buzzing”, attracting a broader audience and creating a community of regular visitors.

Exhibitions and one-off events
Školská 28’s main activity is to exhibit visual and audio-visual art. In addition, it hosts musical events of a variety of genres.

Educational activities and hobbies
Regular courses and presentations by Czech and foreign speakers are an essential part of the Školská 28 Communication Space’s program. These courses can be short – workshops, week-long seminars – or long, spanning a full term or the whole academic year.

Artists’ and teachers’ residencies
Školská 28’s resident artists and teachers will offer educational and leisure activities. Taking an active part in the center’s activities, they will strengthen its international professional network. Residents may be artists and cultural experts from around the world, invited according to Školská 28’s program at the time and to their contribution to our educational and artistic activities.