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Concert Kabája - CANCELED

Kabája is an all-women outfit that has been around since 2006, producing an attractive variety of folk music for men and humans alike.
Thu 16.2. - 19:30

After the release of its debut album, O mužích a lidech (About Men and Humans), the band´s lineup changed several times until settling down in its present four-strong format, with Kateřina Císařová, Bára Purmová, Anežka Cvejnová and Zuzana Rainová. Having found out that apart from grub and men the only subject worth writing about was politics, and having covered all of these three subjects in their entirety, the girls wanted to bring into the world something new – in their case, a new musical genre: namely, country music with a paw-clapping dog. By no means, though, is this where their journey ends...

The gig will include a set featuring Anežka Cvejnová, with the launch of her CD, Anežka & Imaginárium. Based in Liberec, Anežka Cvejnová materialized in mid-December her imaginary world in a debut album entitled Anděl na hnoji (Angel on a Dung Heap). In terms of genre, her music spans a vast territory, from vaudeville to folk to rock. This wide range notwithstanding, her idiom is highly individual. You will be treated to a miscellany of her balladic songs, either pared down to piano accompaniment, or to the sounds of her materialized imaginarium.

Admission 100 CZK