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Concert Molotow Moloch Quartet

Molotow Moloch Quartet is an experimental synthethis of various elements from any music that does not offend the strict – albeit open – taste of its members.
Mon 16.1. - 19:30

It draws on modern jazz for its stylish aesthetics, its improvised and especially its synthethized character. For this very reason the quartet explores beyond the limits of this genre in a variety of directions, from balads of impressionist surfaces to raw rock grooves, atonal disharmonious sequences and exotic tones. MMQ’s music flounces about at first in a chaos of ungraspable rhythms, only to unexpectedly release a tender melody that works like a balm on the shaken listener. However, sweetness doesn’t last long with MMQ and you can soon expect a sonicly random structural storm of clawing chords – and off we go again. MMQ’s music deliberately evades categorization; an academic might nonetheless characterize it as jazz-groove-artificial.

Šimon Herrmann: sax; Vojtěch Výravský: guitar; Klára Pudláková: bass; Filip Tománek: drums.

Tickets: CZK 100