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Concert Mother Uraño

Mother Uraño is an experimental band based in Copenhagen.
Tue 7.2. - 19:30

Mother Uraño is an experimental band formed by the Copenhagen based improv duo I Love My Mother and the glitch-noiserock duo Uraño. The bands are known for their original approach to sound and space in music, where they combine electronic with acoustic sounds in new and creative ways. Together they explore ambient spaces, grooves and abstract soundscapes in intense and energetic improvisations. The performance is topped with the use of hypnotizing abstract live visuals.

Szymon Pimpon (PL) – Drums and Electronics
Tobias Pfeil (NO) – Amplified Saxophone
Søren Høi (DK) – Drums and Electronics
Jonatan Uranes (NO) – Bass and Computer [max/msp]

Entrance 100 CZK