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Concert Tomáš J Holý and Kuba Štrba

Tomáš J Holý is a Czech guitarist, Kuba Štrba is an allround musician.
Thu 12.1. - 19:30

Tomáš J Holý is a Czech guitarist strongly influenced by the work of masters of acoustic guitar such as Andy McKee or Michael Hedges, as well as showing manifest affinity for post-rock guitar music. He employs the percussive style of playing his instrument and employs the method of modifying sound by means of various effects. The listener will hardly realize that his whole set is purely instrumental. Tomáš has to his account over 300 gigs in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, Germany and the UK. He recently made an EP entitled Refuge. “I don´t use the classic way of playing guitar. My style would be best characterized as percussive acoustic guitar. Basically, I tap and pluck the guitar so I can handle on my own the parts of percussion, bass, and the lead melody line. This way of playing offers complete freedom of expression,” was how Tomáš J Holý introduced his approach.

Kuba Štrba is an allround musician, playing drums with many bands (Věc Makropulos, Most Wonky, SkA´N´DaaL music ensemble and others). This is what he has to say about himself: “A lyrical vein that tellsnobodynothing – Music straddling the borderline between obscene rap and melancholy pop – Introverted confession of guitar and voice – Love and booze.”

Admission 100.-