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Crisis-Mania Praha

Food and Cultural Space
Sat 17.4. - 12:00

A day-long workshop about creative cooking.

We invite you for the discussion, workshop and the market of ideas on growing, cooking and dining, on cookbooks and the relationship of cooking and art creation. The aim of the project is the practical thinking about the changes of the role of food in society. We want to present the recipes how to treat the food, which considers the local conditions, uses ecological approaches, is inventive, creative and stresses the social aspect of food.


The event opens the program of discussions, performances and concerts on the A2 terrace, which will follow the themes of the specific A2 issues - Nr. 8 (published April 14th) is devoted to the theme Food and Cultural Space.

Friday, April 16 (terrace of Cultural bi-weekly A2 - Americká 2, Prague 2, www.advojka.cz)
From 6 PM evening you can experiment together with Dutch cook living in Prague Filip Kavka-Smiggels (http://www.vegetariania.cz/) in cooking using common kinds of food from which variable, non-common or long forgotten kinds of dishes will produced.

After - starting at 7:30 PM - follows a live performance of the radio play Život nedoceníš directed by Romana Bohunská, by Petr Marek, Johana Švarcová a Marian Moštík:
Radio Ivo (http://unarclub.sweb.cz/RadioIvo.html).

Admission: bring a recipe of any kind. Visitors can also present their recipes it in a short lecture or performance.

Saturday, April 17 (Školská 28 Communication Space - Školská 28 Street, Prague 1, www.skolska28.cz)

In Školská 28 a day-long workshop with sound artist Hannes Hoelzl (DE/IT, http://www.earweego.net/) and Czech media artists Michal Cáb and Michal Kindernay, the result of which will be an evening performance, combining electronics and cooking.
Hannes Hoelzl will be together with the participants of the workshop "speaking through food" analyze the acoustic and resonance characteristics of various forms and consistencies of food and create thus objects - speakers. Participation in the workshop is open to public!

7 PM - collaborative performance of the participants will consist of playing the objects, creating a choir of weird culinary sounds.
8 PM - Georgy Bagdasarov - performance Cooking Music ("I will cook music and from music I will cook food") http://www.myspace.com/georgebagdasarov

From 12 till 6 PM there will be a neighbourly mini-market at the courtyard of the gallery, where you can bring your own goodies, can taste or buy local diary (and other) products, pastries, teas or fresh vegetables from the neighborhood and from the farms (presentation of the initiative www.najdisisvehofarmare.cz); discussion on the theme how could be local Prague markets re-established and how to bring life and vitality back to the streets.
Projection of the video interviews.

Produces by yo-yo (http://yo-yo-yo.org/).
Project Crisis Mania is organized by non-profit organization yo-yo together with A2 Cultural bi-weekly and Školská 28 Communication space. Partners of the project: Col-me (SK) and Art Sector Foundation (HU). With the support of: International Visegrad Fund.

For questions write to: info@yo-yo-yo.org.