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Crys Cole

Crys Cole was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 1976. She began exploring experimental music in the 1990s, while in Winnipeg. A more serious involvement in audio research, experimentation and performance developed upon her move to Montreal in 1998..

In Montreal, Crys performed chiefly in free improvisation settings, working predominantly with contact microphones and found objects, with minimal signal processing. She also incorporated turntables in a number of projects and performances, and occasionally utilized other more traditional instruments, albeit unconventionally.

Crys played in duos with David Smith (producer, breakglass Studios, Montreal) and Roger Tellier-Craig (Fly Pan Am, Et Sans, Pas Chic Chic) in Montreal throughout 2000-2003, working extensively with each of them on audio research and recording projects. She has performed live with David Smith on several occasions. Crys has also collaborated with a wide range of artists in studio and performance settings, including Sam Shalabi. Diane Labrosse, Lori Freedman, David Kristian, Alexandre St-Onge, Magali Babin. Lee Hutzulak, Jeffrey Allport, and Will Glass.

Crys began focusing on solo work upon relocating to Vancouver in 2003. Working as a solo artist has led crys to explore more conceptual and controlled processes and compositions. Her approach emphasizes subtlety and discretion, guided by a fascination with microsonics that test the limits of audibility and intentionality, often incorporating field recordings and 'environmental' sources that obscure the distinction between intentional or 'performed' sound and the incidental or accidental aural landscape of any given real-world context.By drawing attention to the texture and delicacy of minimal sonic environments, crys aims to create a heightened sense of awareness not only of the sounds she creates, but of the environmental sounds that arise during listening - and ideally, of the listener's own self-consciousness as a perceptual body and agent as well.

Crys Cole