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Dallas Simpson

Dallas is sound artist, interested in binaural field recordings.He has performed at the London College of Music with composer Chris Thorpe, in York with Chris Thorpe and Linda Merrick; in Glasgow in 1999 as part of the Drift environmental sound art / acoustic ecology project, with Max Eastley and Helmut Lemke at Creswell Craggs. His work has been selected, against an open world field, for inclusion in every themed sound art compilation for the past three years curated by Colin Fellows of the John Moores Liverpool University. Dallas' tracks have been released through Time Recording's EMIT series. He was included as a composer in the regrettably one-off "Music for Spaces" series on BBC Radio 3. Dallas has written a more in-depth article: The Art of Location Binaural Performance, which was first published in the UK Journal of Free Improvisation: Rubberneck. It was subsequently reproduced on the US website for free improvisation The Improvisor. Dallas Simpson has over 50 hours of unreleased and unbroadcast live location binaural performance recordings.

Dallas Simpson


United Kingdom


music, soundart