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Daniel Neumann

Daniel Neumann is a Brooklyn-based sound artist and audio engineer, originally from Leipzig, Germany. In Leipzig, besides getting his degree in media art at the Academy of Visual Art, he co-organized ‘AlulaTonSerien’, a platform for sound art and electro-acoustic music that featured concerts, workshops, soundwalks, CD releases and a radio show. He also studied electronic music composition under Emanuelle Casale in Catania, Sicily.

In his artistic practice he is using conceptual and mostly collaborative strategies to explore sound and sound material and it's modulation through space and media. Pieces are developed in different formats and variations as ongoing processes, which can result in performances, installations, or radio shows amongst others. The leitmotif for these processes is the development of a poetry of the fragile, and a skepticism towards demonstrations of power. Impermanence is understood as temporal fragility. For his collaborative practice Daniel coined the term ‘modular collaboration’, which describes a non-hierarchical and decentralized form of organization, where collaborators interact as equals. Context and site are important parameters and often used as a starting point.

Daniel Neumann




sound art, music