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Depressed Children Eager for Money: Rádio Bolehlav – What’s art for?

Prologue in cooperation with the festival Divadelná Nitra - Art, What For?
Sat 27.9. - 18:30

A Czecho-Slovak radio play. You can listen on the internet, and by visiting the broadcasting studio, too. Radio Bolehlav is ready to competently and completely answer the question: Art, What For? The evening culminates with the Czecho-Slovak radio play at 10.30 PM.

Broadcasting takes place in the Theatre in Nitra in Slovakia and the Prague studio at Školská 28 Gallery as part of festival ...příští vlna/next wave...

Visitors welcome.

Depresivní děti touží po penězích (Depressed Children Eager for Money) is an independent art group. Since 2004, it has created a number of cultural projects, mainly theater cycles in non-traditional spaces.