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Main Gallery

Device_art 4.013

Fri 8.2. - 19:00

Curated by: Kontejner, Sandra Sajovic a Machiko Kusahara

Low-tech, high-tech and everything in between

Device_art 4.013, the fourth edition of the international triennial festival of devices, robots and gadgets organized by the curatorial team KONTEJNER | bureau of contemporary art praxis from Zagreb, Croatia, Slovenian curator Sandra Sajovic, and Machiko Kusahara, a curator from Japan, travels abroad to tackle the Bohemian art scene, in order to bring together the device artworks of artists from Japan, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia. The project in 2012/2013 comparatively presents, exchanges and contextualizes the recent device art productions from these different contemporary art scenes through an international exhibition, series of performances and a round table presentation of the artists, followed by a festival publication and celebration in relaxed late-night after-party. Device_art 4.013 will communicate project ideas, goals and outcomes to the Czech audience and will thus parallel the successful presentation of the Czech device art scene to the regional public during the Zagreb edition of the event in October 2012.

Previously the project dealt with regional device art (2004), the Californian art scene (2006) and the Japanese (2009/2010), communicating the various creative tendencies that deal with the technology of the device as an artistic medium and presenting international artists and art concepts to audiences in Zagreb (Croatia), Belgrade (Serbia), Ljubljana (Slovenia), San Francisco (US) and Tokyo (Japan). Besides introducing the project to the Czech public, Device_art 4.013 aims at stimulating and motivating the process of art exchange between the Czech scene and art scene of the region from Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia, with a special playful addition coming from the far eastern, Japanese device art scene.

The exhibition to be held in Školská 28 features self-regulating sound installation Bentronix by Marko Batista (SI), interactive tech-utopian installation G8 by Martina Mezak (HR), Self-Sustaining System of Absurdity - an autonomous information cycle installation by Stevan Kojić (RS) and the mechanical illusionary image installation Pendulum by Sanela Jahić (SI), whose cybernetic performance Fire Painting will also be presented in the form of video documentation. Other exhibits include video documentation of a device containing a shape-shifting sculpture named Furnace For the Sublimation of Spirits by Silvio Vujičić (HR); Maywa Denki’s (JP) musical devices and instruments; various devices that function as humorous body/machine modifying extensions by Hiroo Iwata (JP), Kazuhiko Hachiya (JP) and Ryota Kuwakubo (JP) and a bio-modifying device prototype Tateye by Anselmo Tumpić (HR). Device hacker Saša Spačal (SI) in collaboration with Mirjan Švagelj (SI) and Anil Podgornik (SI) presents a bio-hacked music box Mycophone and Zagreb’s I’MM_ Media lab will exhibit hacked devices such as Scanner Camera and SoundPlant2SoundBox.

The gallery is open from 1 pm till 7 pm during whole festival.

Programme in club K4 on Friday, 8 February at 8pm:
The performance program to be held introduces three audio-visual treats provided by MMessy Oscillators (HR) featuring i.m.klif (HR), Marko Batista’s (SI) performance Siphon:Sys:Apparatus 1.1 and a sound performance from guest artist, Milan Guštar (CZ) - Densatio in 128 edo. and Gothic Disneyland (CZ)

Programme in club K4 on Saturday, 9 February at 6pm:
Round table artist presentations and discussion will include KONTEJNER’s Tereza Teklić (HR) and Ena Hodžić (HR), Michal Kindernay (CZ) from Školská 28 gallery, artists Saša Spačal (SI), Deborah Hustić (HR), i.m.klif (HR) and others.