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DIATRIBES (CH) & Procházka/Bagdasarov duo

electroacoustic improvisation
Mon 2.3. - 19:30

Diatribes, a Geneva based duo, continue their exploration of simplification and rational rituality, presenting two of new pieces connected by strict sonic or structural principles. They use highly detailed textures, repeated gestures, soft tones, febrile pulses and acoustic hyper-sensibility.

The duo has been doing inprovisational work since 2004, following a voracious youth exploring free jazz, noise, musique concrète and free improv, as well as collaborations with international musicians such as Magda Mayas, Bertrand Gauguet, Robin Hayward, Dominic Lash, Patrick Farmer, Derek Shirley and Hannah Marshall, Barry Guy, Keith Rowe, amongst others. They have chosen to focus on a rather introverted process of creation.

Cyril Bondi and d'Incise are both very active in the Swiss experimental scene, leading the Insub Meta Orchestra, a very large ensemble, and creating in the INSUB. label, a netlabel and association (since 2006, Insubordinations). With their unstoppable energy they have built a strong network around these activities. They also collaborate in other ensembles, including Queixas (with Abdul Moimême) and a subbass quartet (with Derek Shirley and Dragos Tara), as well as other occasional collaborations.

Cyril performs solo and also with the post-jazz trio Plaistow and d'Incise also performs solo, and works on electro-acoustic set ups and compositions, as well as graphic design.

Bagdasarov & Procházka duo

George Bagdasarov was born in Kazahstan to an Armenian family. He studied Cybernetics at a the Technical University, and continued in composition at the Music Academy in Moscow, finally graduating from film school in St. Petersburg. He begain his music carrier as a guitarist in a psychedelic punk band, and continued his development, passing through conceptual techno to free improvisation based on items collected on flea markets from around the world. He has performed and recorded in different collaborations, playing jazz, noise, electronic, and the like. He has collaborated with musician Richard Deutsch, Jerome Noetinger, Yoshio Mashida, Les Halmes, Dill, Yutaka Makino, DJ Sniff, Nikolay Rubanov, Fitz Ellarald, among others. He plays saxophone, guitar, and turntable.

Vojtěch Procházka is one of the foremost Czech pianists and composers on the field of jazz and improvised music who currently works extensively with prepared piano, toy FM synths, various electric organs, synthesizers and electronics.

After receiving his bachelor’s degree from the Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory in Prague, he studied jazz, composition, and North Indian Classical Music for two years at CNSM in Paris. In 2009 he was the first foreigner ever to be accepted into the jazz and improvised music master’s program at NMH in Oslo. He received his master’s degree from NMH in 2012.

His current projects are the improvisation trio Bergljot (LP Solen avløser regent som avløser solen on SOFA) with the Norwegians Adrian Myhr and Tore Sandbakken; Vertigo -- a sextet of musicians based in Prague, awarded two Czech jazz Grammys for best jazz CD (2006 and 2012); Raga Bansal with Indian violinist Harpreet Bansal and Norwegian tabla player Andreas Bratlie; and Sato-San To, an electronica quartet from Prague.

Procházka also performs solo concerts, regularly plays improvised music to silent movies, composes film music and has taught piano and composition both at the Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory and privately. He has performed with Trygve Seim, Greg Pope, Martin Blažíček, Ankramu, Prague Modern.

Entry Fee: 80 Kč – Reduced: 60 Kč