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Dresden Sailors by Train

Screening of student video from the Monika Brandmeier Studio
Thu 2.7. - 20:00

Artist’s screening of videos by Brandmeier class: Karoline Beeck, Konstantin Kunath, Sebastian Mejia, Christian Raetsch, Elisabeth Rosenthal, Maria Schwerdtner (Hochschule fur Bildende Kunste, Dresden)

Dresden Sailors by Train

None of the artists represented in this screening study film or video. Actually all of them are sculpture students – but when we say sculpture we mean it in the broadest sence. Their interests are in use of formal space, public space, physical objects, and the physical body.

Konstantin Kunath takes the viewer on a mysterious tour through the hidden spaces of a bridge that spans the Elbe River in Dresden. Karoline Beeck arranges simple actions in a dialogue with simple objects and a steady camera. Christian Reatsch uses his camera to investigate the opportunities of a bed, while Maria Schwerdtner explores the less intimate areas of concern, such as a political demonstration where she restructures the public space as a three-dimensional volume by her editing. Instead of using a video camera Sebastian Mejia uses a laptop computer for recording his irritating actions in a public library. And Elisabeth Rosenthal is showing a documentation of her performance as a singing "sailor single".



Karoline Beck