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Elia Moretti & Stefano De Ponti

concept of liminality, improvisation
Mon 17.10. - 19:30

Elia Moretti: Threshold
Stefano De Ponti & Elia Moretti: Echoing


A solo performance using insight from French spectral music and afro-logical forms of improvisation. Great attention will be given to the concepts of liminality and rhythmic thresholds in the light of recent music perception research.

Essential information is contained in the timbre, and that becomes the principle variable. The emancipation of timbre as a central element in musical language has already brought several developments, such as new formal articulation, new conceptions of musical tempo, the introduction of electronic luthiery and musical computer science and, in general, a new relationship between the concepts of sound and noise, and the boundary between them.

Elia Moretti says: “I’m looking for a concept of tempo that would be accountable to movement and stops, to continuos and fragments, to time and the instant, to the minimum difference in clock time, made by pauses, dreams, melancholia and enthusiasm. In my own effort to move towards a more thorough understanding of the concept of rhythmic thresholds, to adapt these concepts to my own research as stage musician, I have found a more systematic review of the field of music perception to be useful.

My expectations are to combine rhythmic threshold/perception, spectral music and afro-logical improvisation. It’s not possible to frame this approach in a particular aesthetic, but it’s a perspective of thinking, they are logical forms of musical behavior. The threshold is the context filtering all the passages. This concept comes from the anthropological concept of liminality, which shows the ambiguity caused by the intermediate passage in a ritual. The subject participating in the ritual has already lost the previous state, but not yet achieved the next one, when the ritual will be completed. It’s a transitory state where identity and time are suspended. The destruction of order creates a flow that establishes new connections, new rules.”

Elia Moretti - drumset


Aware of his own breath
a religious quiet
made him a mosque
of soften steps and murmuring doves

Through an improvised dialogue, electroacoustic sounds meet free jazz in sound textures, soundscapes and vocal samples. The duo will present a live version of the compositional and performative research undertaken during the recording of “calce”, an audio/visual project produced by Stefano De Ponti in collaboration with the Swiss artist Nina Haab [Sonnestube / Kohlhaas May 2016].

Stefano De Ponti - live processing, prepared guitar, microphones, tapes and analog synths

Elia Moretti - drumset, percussion and vibraphone

Entry Fee: 80 Kč – Reduced: 60 Kč