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Éric Tourneret

Born in 1965, Eric Tourneret grew up in a village near Annecy and now lives in Paris. His childhood by the lake and mountains made him aware of the wild untamed beauty of natural environments. At the age of 17, during his military service, he discovered Africa, travel, the desert, the encounter with other cultures and photography, which he since sees as a “storytelling tool”, as a “tool for going out to encounter others”.
Self-taught, Eric Tourneret began first with studio photography; he rubbed shoulders with fashion and advertising photographers, specialists in light and visual creation. Then he traveled the world during fifteen years for the magazine press (Figaro Magazine, Paris Match, Point de vue, VSD, Sciences et Avenirs, Géo…). A born technician, he can easily change style and guided by his curiosity go from an archaeological subject to a botanical expedition, from a social subject such as transvestites in Pakistan to the migration of monarch butterflies. In 2003, he adopted digital photography while making a commissioned book on decoration. For him, digital photography is a liberation: it gives him flexibility and frees him from budgetary limits to let him visit the unique, have the magical accident that follows 36 frames or 4000 snaps. Since, with the emergence of videography, multimedia has become a reality and Eric Tourneret continues his commitment to the bee and natural and human diversity by experimenting with photographic montages, videos and sound.