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Expedition to Jenštejn

Jana Doležalová, Štěpán Plátek and guests
Fri 16.11. - 19:00

The community of Jenštejn (German Jenstein, also Jenzenstein or Genzenstein) lies in Praha-východ, in the Středočesky region. It is situated about 16 km NE from the center of Prague and 7 km SW ffrom the town of Brandýs nad Labem-Stará Boleslav. It neighbors the municipalities of Podolanka (to the west), Dřevčice (north), Svémyslice (east), Radonice (to the south) and the integral area of Vinoř (to the southwest).

The first written mention of the castle and the village dates from 1368. Water Castle, which was founded about 30 years earlier by the courtesan Jenčík of Janovic, appears in the wellsprings Jenczenstein under the name the "Jenčův stone". The village was founded as a settlement around the water castle. Since 1368 the castle was owned by the royal notary Paul of Vlašim, after which he was succeeded in 1379 by his son, Prague archbishop Jan of Jenštejna. This castle in 1390 was taken by King Wenceslas IV.

With a frequent change of owners, the Jenštejn castle was inhabited until 1583. The last owner, Jan Dobřichovský Dobřichov, died in debt. Jenštejn was therefore confiscated after his death by the Czech chamber and connected to the Brandýs estate. The last shot on the castle was inflicted by the Swedes, who ravaged it in 1641.

Jenštejn is situated in the undulating farmland in the Elbe at an average altitude of 232m. From the castle to the west to Podolance a narrow 10m deep valley stretches in which the stream Jenštejn combines several ponds, the edges of the valley rise to the surface sandstone rocks. At the bottom of the valley floor is covered with deciduous forest. Jenštejn creek empties into the Podolanka Vinoř stream, which then flows through the northeast Dřevčice in Brandys nad Labem, which empties into the Elbe.

Due to the need for secrecy, the Agrosquatting artists reveal their trip itinerary just before the expedition begins. Register to attend: skolska28@skolska28.cz. Number of participants is limited.