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Exquisit Corpses by Dana Plays

Artist screening and presentation
Wed 10.11. - 21:30

Dana Plays in person.

Experimental filmmaker and digital artist, Dana Plays, known for her moving image and sound composites will present Exquisite corpse series (HD, 2010) a series of experimental pieces. The project revolves around Plays’ evolving historical project, the story of Ottilie Moore, her great aunt who provided safe haven for refuges, including the Jewish artist Charlotte Salomon (Life or Theater?) at Villa L’Hermitage, in Villefranche sur-Mer, in the late 30s and early 40s. Through complex structural and formal approaches to sound image construction, including vertical and horizontal structures, Plays visually explores the intersections between private and public histories, making metaphorical connections between location, setting and place.

Exquisite corpse series (2010) consists of Cinema Triptych (2010, 7:30 HD); Arrival / Departure at Villefranche sur-Mer (5:00, HD, 2010); Rhizome, (8:00, HD, 2010); Rue de L’Hermitage (30:00, HD, 2010), and other works..

Dana Plays' films and digital pieces have screened at the Whitney Museum, Viper, VPRO, SF Cinematheque, Pacific Film Archive, and more than 50 international film festivals including Edinburgh, Seattle, Montreal Nouveau, and more, winning numerous honors and awards.


Cinema Triptych (2010, 7:30 HD);
Arrival / Departure (5:00, HD, 2010);
Rhizome, (8:00, HD, 2010);
Rue de L’Hermitage (30:00, HD, 2010).

(Free entry for students)

Entry Fee: 50 Kč

Dana Plays

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Dana Plays, stills, archiv autora
Dana Plays, Arrival Departure, archiv autora
Dana Plays
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