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The Fabulous Story of Poop

Selection from the EKOFILM festival 2009
Mon 23.11. - 20:00

EKOFILM is the International Film Festival about the Environment and our Natural and Cultural Heritage. It brings the latest information about the state of nature and the environment in various countries of the world and in many instances even facts about the resolution of particular situations to a wide audience.

program selected by Lenka Dolanová

Cows Are Nice/Kor är fina
A film about a small farmer and what the European Union and the global economy do to people in the countryside of Sweden.

Holy Dung - The Fabulous Story of Poop

Director: Thierry Berrod, Quincy Russell
Script: Quincy Russell, Thierry Berrod
Photography: Quincy Russell, Jean-Pierre Rivalain
Music: Gilbert Grilli
Producer: ARTE France, Mona Lisa Production, Thierry Berrod
Mona Lisa Production
Length of film: 52'
Year of Production: 2007
Festival version:Czech subtitles
Francie | France

A single cow can eliminate 65 000 litres of dung every year. It shows just how important pooping is in the life of a cow. Dung, poop, manure, droppings, crap, turd... Despite this colourful vocabulary, animal faeces is a rather icky, not a popular topic of conversation. So whenever possible, we will use a perfumed code name: The Rose. In the animal world, the rose is not just a floral tribute to yesterday's lunch. It can attract food, and even tells you who's in town. But humans too have a good nose for using this precious substance. And humans have discovered a multitude of functions for our floral friends. Fertilizers, building materials, soap, beauty products, coffee..., there seems to be no limit to their use. So join us on this trip to discover their bouquet.

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