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Fotozóna #4

Tomáš Fassati: Fetish of Digitization
Thu 12.4. - 20:00

The fourth in a series of events dedicated to photography and technical issues. Lecture, discussion, screening.

Thoughts on the technology of photography and the psychology of its consumption.

Mgr. Tomáš Fassati (*1952) studied the theory of communication and photography at FAMU and FF UK in Prague. In the 80s he founded and directed the Gallery F in Banska Bystrice, devoted to photography and graphic design. He also taught at the Institute for Art Photography in Opava. In 1990, he founded, and currently directs, the Museum of Art and Design in Benesov u Prahy. He is the author of a series of publications including the first textbook in Czech with "A Dictionary of Visual Communication."

He lectures on communication at VSUP and FF UK in Prague.

Fotozóna #4