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Fotozona #8

Jan Mlčoch, Jiří Holna: Drtikol jinak
Thu 28.2. - 19:00

The eighth in a series of events devoted to photography and technical images. Featuring an untraditional look at the world-renowned Czech photographer, painter and philosopher František Drtikol.

The documentary film "The Photographer František Drtikol" by the director Jiří Holna (28 min, 2002) drawn from Drktikol’s diaries and private correspondence, includes the recollections of Drtikol’s daughter Ervina Boková, as well as part of a short film by Drtikol from 1920. A slideshow and commentary by curator of photography collections of UPM Jan Mlčoch brings to light some of Drtikol’s lesser-known works.

The director Jiří Holna (1970) has devoted himself to making documentaries since the late 90s, when he collaborared with Czech Television on the "Artefakta" series. As a director, he has made films about A. Hackenschmied and B. Grünzweig. His latest work is the documentary Word and Image according to Tomáš Špidlík, completed in 2007.


Fotozóna #8