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Frontiers of Solitude

Na pomezí samoty
Finnur Arnar Arnarson, Karlotta Blöndal, Gunhild Enger, Þórunn Eymundardóttir, Monika Fryčová, Tommy Høvik, Elvar Már Kjartansson, Alena Kotzmannová, Iselin Lindstad Hauge, Julia Martin, Vladimír Merta, Pavel Mrkus, Greg Pope, Kristín Rúnarsdóttir, Ivar Smedstad, Vladimír Turner, Robert Vlasák, Diana Winklerová, Martin Zet
Locations: Školská 28, Fotograf Gallery, Ex Post
Thu 4.2. - 18:00

The symposium, which begins a day after the exhibition opening, takes place from February 5-6 at the French Institute in Prague.

The exhibition, hosted by Školská 28 Gallery, Fotograf Gallery and the gallery Ex Post will present the artistic research by participants from Iceland, Norway and the Czech Republic. The project focuses on current transformations of the landscape and the close connections between our post-industrial civilization and nature. The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue and an international symposium organized in collaboration with the French Institute in Prague and with the support of the Agosto Foundation. The exhibition also takes place at the Vysočina Regional Gallery in Jihlava from March 31 till May 29, 2016.

The two-day-long interdisciplinary symposium Frontiers of Solitude has been organized with the support and cooperation of the French Institute in Prague will offer an overview of the opinions, experiences, and viewpoints of artists, curators, and invited guests on the theme of transitions in the landscape in which we currently live and of which we are a part.

The symposium will search for relationships between the cultural, political, and economic aspects of contemporary concepts and our understanding of what is meant by such words as Earth, countryside, landscape, and land, including the topography of transitional zones, with an eye on both establishing and crossing over boundaries and limitations.

Guests and participants: Guy van Belle /BE/CZ/, Vít Bohal, Dustin Breitling /US/, Peter Cusack /GB/, Petr Gibas, András Heszky/HU/(Translocal Institute), Stanislav Komárek, Alena Kotzmannová, Julia Martin /IS/DE, Pavel Mrkus, Ivo Přikryl, Martin Říha, Ivar Smedstad /NO/, Matěj Spurný, Tereza Stöckelová, Martin Škabraha, John Jordan /FR/ a Isabelle Frémeaux /FR/GB/ (The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination).

The project Frontiers of Solitude is a joint initiative of the Školská 28 Gallery Prague, Czech republic (Deai/setkání), the Atelier Nord, Oslo, Norway and the Skaftfell Center for Visual Arts in Iceland. It is supported by grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants.

Head Curator: Dagmar Šubrtová (Školská 28 Gallery). Exhibitiotn co-curators: Julia Martin (Skaftfell Center for Visual Arts), Ivar Smedstad (Atelier Nord), Dana Recmanová (Školská 28 Gallery), Michal Kindernay (Školská 28 Gallery). Concept: Miloš Vojtěchovský (Školská 28 Gallery)

Program, blog and archive: frontiers-of-solitude.org

Support and Partners: Agosto Foundation, Fotograf Gallery, Ex Post, French Institute in Prague, Hungarian Institute in Prague.

Media partners: ArtMap, A2, jlbjlt, kulturissimo.cz, Artalk, Skandinávský dům.