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Gomez & Gargaud (F) + The Pololáníks & Matěj Kratochvíl

free improvisation
Fri 13.2. - 19:30

Guillaume Gargaud and JP Gomez form this powerful intense duo playing improvised music that encompasses violence and expressionism as much as sweetness and minimalism.

"Rough stridencies, chirpings and gurgles gush from the bowels of a loop, analog and antediluvian console or synthesizer (also analog), the 'vocals' are cartoony and cyclothymic guitar. It's full of bumps, reefs, nooks and humour." (LE NONJAZZ Paris).

Jean Philippe Gomez is a visual artist who works with paint and sound in a concrete style. He swings from one to the other to find the answers to his questions. Improviser, researcher and self-taught acoustically, he has been working collaboratively on the concept of ‘Nozal’ he created since attending School of Fine Arts (1982-1987), which is a free improvisation music group with variable geometry. He has also been painting and working on installation art and projects in numerous exhibitions in France and touring in Europe and the United States.recently he formed a duo Reccurent (guitar synthesizer analog + voice) with Guillaume Gargaud

Guillaume Gargaud (Born in France in 1979) is a composer and improvisational guitarist. He's already released about ten albums and composed many musics for contemporary dance. He lives in Le Havre in France where he also teaches music.

«Guillaume Gargaud’s style of improvisational guitar and electronics is intriguing and absorbing; jumping back and fourth between harsh glitches and soothing soundscapes and visiting everything inbetween. Gargaud conjures up sounds like you’ve never heard before; combing a rich and full melodic Americana style of guitar playing with huge walls of fierce electronic noise and delicate droning, creating mammoth and highly varied textures. His music will lift you to enormous euphoric highs via twisted glacial landscapes and then leave you breathless in a black hole of psychedelia». Dead pilot records UK

Matěj Kratochvíl writes about music in the HIS Voice magazine and researches it as a scholar in the Institute of Ethnology of the Czech Academy of Sciences. As a musician, he has spent many years playing Moravian folk songs in a dulcimer band, but from time to time he embarks
on free improvisation combining saxophone, bass clarinet, and fujara (Slovak shepherd's flute) with electronics and densely layering sounds.

Entry Fee: 80 Kč – Reduced: 60 Kč