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Handa Gote

The research and development of the Czech performance group, handa gote, is based on conceptual post-dramatic theater, which alternates with the instrumentation of sound installation, non-verbal and dance theatre, live music, visual theatre and technologies. Their work draws heavily on minimalism, eastern philosophy and the 'do-it-yourself' movement. Their work is a mixture of Czech craftsmanship, recycled objects and technologies, in addition to the japanese haiku. Inspiration of the group is often beyond the framework of theater and reaches towards the world of science and technology. The documentary aspect of the work of the performaces is the starting point for the contemplative scenographical images. Members of the group are as well inspired by antropology of the "primitive" cultures, pre-technological societies, and natural phenomena in general. This is not excluding in any case anything from the range of most advanced contemporary or dead media. handa gote means 'soldier' in Japanese.

Personnel: Tomáš Procházka/Federsel (audio) - found objects, real to real recorder, feedbacks, field recordings • Jakub Hybler (video) - found objects, torch, lenses, videocamera, survaillence camera, kaoss entrancer • Jan Dörner or Robert Smolík - objects

 Handa Gote


Czech Republic


performance art