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Main Gallery

How the Weather is Doing

Jiřička & Ježek
A Storm in the Školská 28 Gallery
Inspired by Zdeněk Košek
Tue 8.12. - 18:00

Several acoustic tests of aural perception will be made during the opening on Tuesday, December 8 by Mojmír Pukl.

Woman - birds - storm - weather report - dew point - Gott - oak - Skřivánek - R=17 - everything is made up of dots and dashes.

This work by Lukáš Jiřička and Martin Ježek brings us the unique magical thinking and psychiatric experiences of the painter Zdeněk Košek through the use of film and photography, which arranged in the space of the gallery. The very structure of this composition is based on Košek’s drawings: one of his weather maps is used as a score for a sound work. Košek’s specific “Kabbalah” finds direct inspiration in observing the weather, the flight of birds, a knowledge of chemistry and mathematics, connecting typography with mathematics and color, and the sexual imagination, by creating the human voices of four different characters.

The works in the program are based on an interpretation of Košek’s “weather map” of temporal data and a poetic string of words, data on meteorological conditions, the names of cities and interpretations of the weather as a sexual act, bodily gestures or mental symptoms.

Project creators
Lukáš Jiřička and Martin Ježek
Voices: Zdeněk Košek, Jaromír Typlt, Rado, Anna Kroupová, a voice on the telephone
Musical interpretation: David Danel (violin), Jan Bierhanzel (percussion)
Technical collaboration: Tomáš Procházka

The gallery is open for this particular exhibition from 5 to 8 PM