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Hunting Boghor

Film performance
Thu 24.1. - 20:00

New audio-visual performance from Jiří Rouš, David Šmitmajer and František Týmal collective, inspired by literary phantasmagoria by thirteen years old boy. Meeting of the classical genre with film experiment. The expedition under the film material surface sunk in gnashing Rumble of dying universe.

"I know, I'm a little bit upset, I've never been hunting Boghor yet and what I've read, he's not really twice as nice. In that galaxy behind the wormhole residents have fear of him. That's why they called you. "- Trei Stallar, space mercenary

"I see that you have weapons, start now!" - Mr. Gigo, commander of the intergalactic protection units

Starring Monika Midriaková & Filip Šebšajevič.

Entry Fee: 50 Kč

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lov na Boghora
Lov na Boghora
Lov na Boghora
Lov na Boghora
Lov na Boghora